ZKTeco access control software for up to 10 doors ZK-195

  • Specifications

  • Software designed to manage standard ZKTeco controllers as well as stand-alone terminals for small and medium-sized facilities
  • Supports up to 10 doors
  • Friendly user interface design
  • Reliable access control logic
  • Stable, fast and consistent communication
  • Automatic data backup
  • Email notifications of alarms and events
  • System logs monitoring system
  • Supports maximum 10 door management at a remote site
  • Supports inBio series / C3 series devices
  • Supports AI visible light facial recognition devices such as SpeedFace-H5 / SpeedFace-V5 / FaceDepot-7A / FaceDepot-7B
  • Supports standalone access control devices with PUSH firmware such as F18 / F19 / F21 / MB800 / PA10
  • Available to upgrade to standard ZKBioSecurity software