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ZK-193 | ZKTeco advanced biometric security software. All-in-one biometric solution. Great door manageability. Schedule and attendance management. LPR camera for parking module. Flexible verification mode. Mobile app. Web platform. Email notifications. Hotel module. Compatible with Onvif protocol. Activation and deactivation of doors. Visible light facial recognition. Automatic backup function. Time zone configuration for exit button and auxiliary input. Elevator control disconnected mode. Online function for patrolling. Global anti-passback and links. OCR reader for identity documents


  • ZKTeco advanced biometric security software
  • All-in-one biometric solution
  • Great door manageability
  • Schedule and attendance management
  • LPR camera for parking module
  • Flexible verification mode
  • Mobile app
  • Web platform
  • Email notifications
  • Hotel module
  • Compatible with Onvif protocol
  • Activation and deactivation of doors
  • Visible light facial recognition
  • Automatic backup function
  • Time zone configuration for exit button and auxiliary input
  • Elevator control disconnected mode
  • Online function for patrolling
  • Global anti-passback and links
  • OCR reader for identity documents
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