Barrier with chassis with LED and arm with 4




  • Barrier for the control of vehicle access. It incorporates a 3, 4.5 and 5 m long arm (depending on the model).
  • Elegant design with LED lighting on the chassis and with option of illuminated and / or articulated arm.
  • The barrier is prepared for intensive use with ups and downs of constant way, up to 5 million cycles before a severe failure and a useful life of up to 10 million cycles.
  • It adopts the use of high-performance Servo Motor in its mechanism, which provides a simple and reliable structure with a broad life cycle, which also reduces the need for maintenance to a minimum and includes an anti-collision anchor base for the boom that prevents ruptures when receiving some impact.
  • Opening time of 0.9, 2.5 and 3 s depending on the model.
  • The power is 220 Vac 50Hz with a consumption of 100 W.
  • Protection level: IP65.
  • Withstands operating temperatures from -40 ° C to 75 ° C
  • Housing dimensions: 360 x 330 x 1000 mm.
  • Observations: Models finished in L (housing to the left of the arm), models in R (housing to the right of the arm).
Estimated delivery: 1 to 5 business days (depending on the country)
Repair services and technical support
No worries: 15 days right of withdrawal
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