VESDA LCD Programmer



The VESDA LCD programmer is menu-driven, allowing the user to conveniently configure, commission and maintain a VESDA aspirating smoke detection system, as well as program each individual detector. Only one programmer is needed for the entire network. Like the remote display, it can be mounted inside a detector or at a remote location. A portable version is also available that plugs into a VESDAnet socket located on a detector or in a remote area. It is specifically designed to facilitate on-site maintenance and diagnostics.

  • Portable Programmer (DB15 serial cable included)
  • Can be mounted on a VESDA VLP or VESDA VLS detector, in a remote mounting box or in a 19-inch subrack
  • The two rows of large pushbuttons allow the user to log in and navigate through the menu trees to the various command and parameterization functions
  • The top row of keys is labeled "Soft Keys" and assigns programming options appropriate to the screen being displayed
  • Algunos de los parámetros a los que se puede acceder a través del programador incluyen el informe de estado del dispositivo, la asignación de números y nombres de zona, la normalizacióSome of the parameters that can be accessed through the scheduler include device status reporting, assigning zone numbers and names, flow rate normalization, alarm threshold setting (day, night, weekend), AutoLearn start, wiring order, relay checking and event log review.
  • Up to 14 users or administrators assigned with an individual 4-digit personal identification number (PIN), and a distributor, can log on to a VESDAnet system with one of three password-protected access levels:
    • User (USR) can only view parameters, check status, alarms and reboot the system.
    • Administrator (ADM) has access to most of the commands and programming parameters.
    • Distributor (DST) is the top level and has unlimited access to all system commands and parameters.
    • Missing PIN numbers can be overcome by obtaining a unique pass number from your Xtralis VESDA dealer.
  • The programmer automatically shuts down when not in use for more than 10 minutes
  • User is alerted by a beep every 1 minute and every 15 seconds before shutting down
  • Any key can be pressed to cancel the automatic shutdown process
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