Single station autonomous smoke detector with base included FOC-736

  • Features

  • Self-powered single station smoke detector with base included

  • It has advanced photoelectric technology for accurate detection

  • When smoke is detected or the manual test button is pressed, the buzzer sounds and the LED flashes

  • Low battery warning: the unit beeps and the LED flashes intermittently to indicate that it is necessary to replace the battery

  • Simple test method: Press the test button to hear the sound of the alarm and confirm that the unit is in normal conditions

  • Easy installation: install directly in the right location without any wiring

  • It is equipped with a 9V DC battery

  • Specs

  • Incorporates 90 dB buzzer to 1 meter
  • Effective coverage area:
  • Less than 4m high: 150 m²
  • Between 4 and 20 m high: 75 m²
  • Fire-resistant plastic material in white
  • Operating temperature: -10 ° C ~ + 55 ° C
  • Power: 9V DC battery
  • Dimensions: Ø105 x 40 mm
  • Weight: 150 g
  • The included base has a step-by-step mechanism so that, in the event of the detector's eviction, the series continues to operate
  • EN-14604 Certificate