CSL router with 4G connectivity for CCTV, HVAC, EAS, Access Control, payment terminals CSL-ROUTER

  • Description

  • You can choose between Simple SIM or Dual SIM. Both options send data via 4G, offering an instant and encrypted internet connection when access to wired broadband is not available or is of low quality.

  • The Dual SIM option is supplied with 2 different operators and with WorldSIMs, one activated and the other for backup for full connectivity.

  • The standard option is supplied as a Simple SIM, with a single network operator, being the best in cost effectiveness. The single operator option can be configured as 4G backup connectivity for an existing broadband connection.

  • CSL Router is supplied with the necessary monthly data package to help control expenses and offers a fully encrypted service that guarantees the security of your data.

  • Additionally, it allows connection to an alarm receiving center for professional monitoring or to be used for own monitoring.

  • Features

  • With both Simple SIM and Dual SIM, a single static IP allows remote access to the system without interfering with the client's infrastructure.

  • Instant 4G connectivity - no waiting, no need for a broadband company technician

  • Supplied preconfigured for quick installation - easy for the installer

  • Perfect where broadband is not available, is limited or very slow

  • Deploy a wireless network to other Wi-Fi devices in the installation

  • Ideal for both permanent and temporary installations

  • Data plan activation and contracting / payment via online platform: www.simalarm.eu