Indoor siren HONEYWELL-156

  • characteristics

  • Indoor siren certified EN50131-4: 2009 Safety Grade 2 Environmental Class II. Versatile and reliable with a modern and attractive design
  • Certified indoor siren with opening tamper valid for installations with Security Grade 2 panels
  • Selectable single or bi-tonal tone sound:
  • The SP20ST indoor siren generates a 94.4dB tone from 1m away and can be programmed to operate with single tone or bi-tonal
  • Application:
  • Suitable for local signaling (not valid for fire alarms)
  • Robust housing:
  • The quality of the ABS plastic of the shell and the protection of the conical Mylar loudspeaker ensures a great reliability and durability of the siren
  • Mounting versatility:
  • Mounting surface design makes installation easy in a wide variety of configurations
  • Easy connection:
  • The SP20ST is a built-in siren that connects directly to the siren output of any panel
  • Attractive and discreet design:
  • The color and texture of the shell is designed to blend in with the most common wall surface types and colors