VESTA digital input / output ZigBee module VESTA-084

  • VESTA-084 (DIO-52ZBS) from VESTA is a ZigBee DI / DO module that integrates wired devices into ZigBee radio networks to create automatic responses and improve security and convenience. By providing a digital input (DI) and digital output (DO) that connect to wired devices, the module serves as a fast and reliable communication bridge between a security system and devices wired through ZigBee networks.

  • The VESTA-084 (DIO-52ZBS) converts the device connected to its DI point into the event trigger, and its DO point into which it responds to events. Open it, close it, turn it on, turn it off, radio and remotely activate, or get data from hard-to-reach devices. Commonly connected devices are smoke detectors, PIR motion sensors, door / window contacts, garage doors, motorized blinds, gates, or valves.

  • Interoperable with third-party ZigBee systems, the module can be flexibly incorporated into new or existing smart home security systems to further enhance process efficiency and security for the entire home.

  • Specs

  • Communication protocol: ZigBee Pro Home Automation 1.2
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Digital input (DI): 1 input
  • Digital output (DO): 1 output, maximum load from 1A to 30V
  • -10 ° C ~ + 45 ° C operating temperature
  • Up to 85% operating humidity (non-condensing)
  • Dimensions: 111 x 91 x 29 mm
This product is discontinued
It is replaced by the new version VESTA-028