Hybrid alarm system 4G + IP + Z-WAVE + ZIGBEE VESTA


Hybrid Panel-1-FULL-AC110/240V

The VESTA grade 3 hybrid control panel is the great launch of the revolutionary intrusion brand, with advanced automation functions and ideal for large businesses or industrial facilities that require high protection and security, such as industry, banking, jewelers, meeting rooms. game, gas stations, museums, etc.

The Vesta hybrid alarm system is a wireless, wired IP-based smart home security gateway with LTE communication. It provides a robust and customizable system that takes advantage of both types of technology for large commercial and domestic applications, offering a comprehensive solution, including home security, a total visual monitoring solution, Z-Wave / ZigBee home automation and energy management, offering comfort and security in the same solution.

The system makes use of Vesta's innovative radio technology, which offers an RF communication range of up to 2 km, fast signal transmission and high reliability. Vesta RF radio technology has greatly expanded the communication range of F1 systems and has enhanced the reliability of their systems. F1 systems are cleverly designed to revolutionize the way you experience security. Compatibility with the large catalog of +50 F1 devices: keyboards, sirens, smoke sensors, PIR detectors, PIRCAMS, temperature sensors, door contacts, perimeter detectors, vibration sensors, etc.

With VESTA's free SmartHomeSec application you can immediately receive alarm notifications with images, monitor DAHUA cameras in real time, control the home automation system, verify events, arm the panel remotely and much more. In addition, from the installer section, you can fully configure and manage your control panel.


4G (LTE) model
Amplified quick connection for external GPRS antenna (not included, VESTA-275 or VESTA-276 recommended)

Advanced automation and management functions
Latest communication technologies: built-in IP module, plus 4G LTE and WIFI
Incorporates Z-Wave communication
Incorporates ZigBee communication
Includes F1 868Mhz radio receiver compatible with all F1 devices in the catalog (2 km in open field)
Allows up to 16 on-board hardwired zones expandable via zone expanders
It allows to have both wired zones and F1 radio zones (320 zones in total)
Up to 8 areas
Allows up to 4 wired keyboards
Up to 240 users
1 siren output, plus 1 simultaneous voltage-free output
Total programming in less than 10 minutes from web and SmartHomeSec app
Cabling flexibility and selection of resistance values ​​for each zone
Integration with DAHUA IP cameras
Compatibility with +40 Z-wave Plus and Zigbee devices for automatic control of their installation and integration with other manufacturers
Compatibility with all F1 devices for automatic control of your installation (relays, plugs, sensors, etc.)
Supports indoor and outdoor PIRCAMS, allowing users and monitoring stations to visually verify the alarm
Programming of up to 100 automatic rules (automatic watering, presence simulation, control of any device by calendars, auto-armed, etc.)
Extreme comfort and flexibility in methods of communicating events and photos to CRA (MANITOU, MANITOU encrypted, CID, SIA, FTP, HTTP)
Grade 3 Certificate
With the VESTA SmartHomeSec application you can remotely control and manage both your security and video surveillance system and the smart devices in your home
Compatible with Google Home and Alexa.
Integration with Fibaro automatic devices (Fibaro Dimmer 2, Roller Shutter 3, Smart Module, Single Switch 2)

REFERENCE / MODEL VESTA-113 / Hybrid Panel-1-FULL-AC110/240V
Protocol F1 || Zigbee || Z-Wave
Zones 320
Partitions 8
Certificate Grade 3
Installation environment Indoor
Connectivity 4G || IP || LTE || WiFi
Compatibility Alexa || Google Home
Repair services and technical support
No worries: 15 days right of withdrawal
Secure transaction

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