FIBARO walli dimmer



  • Walli Dimmer FIBARO smart dimmer
  • Designed to control the light source through the Z-Wave network
  • It measures the active power and the energy consumed by the controlled load
  • Compatible load types: resistive loads (conventional incandescent and halogen light sources), resistive-capacitive loads (fluorescent tube lamp, electronic transformer, LED), resistive-inductive loads (ferromagnetic transformers)
  • It can be installed in a two-wire and three-wire configuration
  • Automatically calibrate the connected light source
  • Supports Z-Wave network security modes: S0 with AES-128 encryption and S2 authenticated with PRNG-based encryption
  • Works as a Z-Wave signal repeater (all non-battery powered devices within the network will act as repeaters to increase network reliability)
  • Can be used with all Z-Wave Plus certified devices, including third-party devices
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