Central PowerSeries Neo from 6 to 16 zones VISONIC-28

  • Description

  • PowerSeries Neo control panels are the heartbeat of this revolutionary hybrid system. Visonic offers this control panel, with a capacity of 16 zones and 2 partitions, providing solutions for the spectrum of installations. The control panel has 6 wired inputs, 2 wired outputs, and on-board PSTN communication.
  • The system can be tailored to specific installations with additional expansion capabilities, features and services. The modular and scalable structure of PowerSeries Neo provides a cost-effective and customized solution for even the most demanding installations. It includes a full line of expansion modules to accommodate today's facility requirements while protecting investment and ensuring future growth.
  • characteristics
  • PowerSeries Neo control panel with 6 zones on the board, expandable to 16 wired or radio zones
  • 2 on-board PGM outputs expandable up to 22 outputs
  • 2 partitions
  • History of 500 events
  • 48 user codes
  • Connection of up to 8 keyboards
  • Up to 1 receiver and 4 repeaters via radio
  • Support for smoke detector interconnection
  • Dimensions: 248 x 298 x 76 mm
  • Maximum consumption: 85 mA
  • Includes box and transformer
  • Complies with EN50131 Grade 2 regulations