Advantages of home automation systems in combination with security systems


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Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group JULY 13, 2022

Nowadays, constant technological innovations include the rise of home and professional office automation thanks to the advantages provided by domotic installations. Adding a domotic solution to your security systems is synonymous with interconnection and centralised control of devices, allowing remote management and automation of actions in order to obtain a "domotic home".

Combinable with a multitude of security systems, from intrusion devices, CCTV, or access control, our range of home automation solutions is available directly in our IOT Smarthome product catalogue.

To learn more about the process of professional home or office automation, and to find out how to reinforce the security level of security systems, we at By Demes will inform you about the advantages of home automation installations when combined with security systems.


What is a domotic installation and examples

To understand what home automation is, it is important to remember that it works thanks to the IoT (Internet of Things). This term refers to the technological capacity of devices to communicate information to others through the use of sensors, and without the need for human intervention, i.e. in an automated and independent way.

The "home automation installations" then correspond to the set of technologies that collect and process the data captured and emitted by these home automation sensors integrated into the devices. The user can then obtain a global vision of the system through control interfaces, and in this way facilitate the remote and centralised management of several devices while automating them for intelligent operation.

However, if we ask ourselves what home automation is for, we should remember that it can be applied at different levels, whether for home automation or for workplace automation. Examples of frequently used home automation installations include:

  • The control of household appliances such as televisions, projectors, or air conditioning. Home automation for blinds is also widely used, as it allows you to remotely manage the opening and closing from an APP, thanks to a Wifi home automation switch, but also to programme these movements according to certain conditions in an automated way.
  • Control of luminaires by means of relays, bulbs and dimmers, for remote management of the lighting system, which also allows automated regulation and significant energy savings.
  • Temperature control, thanks to IR controllers, thermostats and relays to intelligently control and regulate temperatures in the different rooms.
  • The control of security systems, from intelligent surveillance cameras, domotic locks, or smoke and intrusion sensors, which can be centralised in the same control unit, as well as automated and interrelated by programming rules and even controlled remotely thanks to the communicators enabled in the control panel.

We will now focus on the last point and on how to create a home automation installation that enhances our various security systems. We will then look at the different elements of a home automation installation that are essential for quality integration, providing all the advantages expected from these communication, automation and device control technologies.

Integration of domotics in security systems

As explained above, home automation installations can be realised through the use of advanced and flexible security systems. In order to obtain an interconnection and a general control of the different devices, VESTA's home automation control panels are one of the best solutions available in our product catalogue, as they facilitate the complete automation of your home or office.

Furthermore, the management of a home automation system from a panel not only provides comfort and security, but also considerable energy efficiency thanks to the optimisation of overall consumption, making your home more ecological and environmentally friendly.


The optimisation of security thanks to home automation focuses particularly on intrusion/fire systems, CCTV, and access control. For greater security and comfort of use, security devices must be automated and jointly controllable from a panel, thus reducing risks and managing interconnection. There are also numerous integrations and combinations of home and professional home automation, including:

  • The application of home automation to CCTV systems, which allows the user to control IP cameras remotely thanks to the internet, automate operation with customisable rules, and above all combine the devices with presence sensors and alarms. The entire CCTV circuit can be managed from the panel for greater efficiency in case of intrusion or incident.
  • The application of home automation to access control systems, automating devices such as: smart electronic locks, IP video door entry systems, biometric readers, proximity readers, offers the possibility of authorising or denying access to people, but also of automating operation according to profiles, schedules and obtaining an accurate record of activity.
  • The application of home automation to fire and intrusion detection devices, which is also very useful for centralised control and appropriate management of combinations with other devices: access control, cameras, locks, and many more depending on the user's needs. In this sense, home automation offers the advantages of managing operation according to schedules, interconnection of devices, complete automation and remote control from a mobile phone thanks to the internet.

Home automation systems can therefore be adapted to different security installations and are useful both for maintaining security in the home and in professional offices. According to the main brands available at By Demes, we will now look at some of our best home automation solutions.

The best home automation brands, available at By Demes

At By Demes, we collaborate with the leading brands in the sector to be able to offer the widest and most complete range of IoT solutions at national and international level. Our home automation systems incorporate the latest technological innovations and adapt perfectly to any type of home automation system, guaranteeing a quality performance that meets the needs of our customers.


Among our best brands, we count Fibaro, specialised in domotic installations for intrusion systems. They offer a wide range of products that are recognised as being very efficient when integrated into the security system. In addition, Fibaro offers a series of relay switches, dimmers, and intelligent modules for remote control of devices.

Philio Technology

Philio Technology, a brand specialising in the development of home automation and IoT products for the home and professional premises, offers a wide range of products, including sirens, switches, dimmers, sensors, and many more for the creation of a smart home.


Ezviz by Hikvision is focused on the development of smart home CCTV devices for remote management and complete automation of security activities. They offer a complete selection of smart cameras, IP video door phones, smart peepholes and wireless video doorbells to most efficiently complete security and protection systems at the level of video protection, intrusion risk prevention and facilitated device management.


Another interesting brand is ZKteco, a developer of intelligent home automation technologies for CCTV systems, access control and various IoT Smarthome systems, offering a complete solution of connected devices that can be managed from a control panel. We find a series of IP surveillance cameras, readers and access control software, biometric terminals, which will perfectly complete the network of security devices installed for improved performance and a more complete interconnection.


The manufacturer and developer of IoT technologies Smathome MCO Home focuses on the design of smart devices based on current market trends and future needs. In constant search for innovation, it proposes a wide range of products with Z-Wave technology, such as: sensors, switches, smart plugs, touch panels, shutter panels, and many more devices to form the most complete home automation installation possible.


Finally, we also collaborate with LifeSmart, which offers complete Smart Home solutions. Based on the general automation of the home or professional offices, it brings to the market an advanced and innovative technology in terms of home automation devices at all levels. Within its offer, we can find: sensors, cameras, switches, locks, but also lighting systems, to be able to create or complete your home automation installations and reinforce the degree of global automation.

In the By Demes offer, you will find a wide variety of home automation systems adaptable to any type of home automation and automated professional offices to obtain an interconnected and intelligent environment that will drastically reduce risks and enhance the protection of your employees or family members.

For more information about our product offering, please use the By Demes contact form, our excellent sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.