Akuvox revolutionizes intercom and access control with advanced AI, cloud and Android technology


Equipo de Marketing
Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group APRIL 24, 2023

By Demes Group becomes the new distributor of Akuvox in Europe, making available to its customers a new range of products and intelligent solutions for intercom and access control.

Discover the complete Akuvox product catalog in the By Demes online store.


About Akuvox

Akuvox is a global leader in the development of intelligent intercom and access control products and solutions, using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud, Android, SIP and security. Its products and solutions have been deployed in more than 100 countries and regions, meeting the needs of customers in several vertical markets.

Improve your intercom and access experience with Akuvox

Akuvox will help you improve and simplify your projects, thanks to its adaptive solutions. We explain the main advantages of their products:

  1. Advanced technologies: Uses advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud, Android, SIP and security to deliver intelligent intercom products and solutions. In addition, thanks to Android technology, it is possible to easily integrate the VESTA and U-Prox Apps.
  2. Facial recognition: They use facial recognition technology to allow access through the front door. The life detection algorithm makes it difficult to be fooled with photos or videos.
  3. Offline voice control: They allow offline voice control, which means that voice data is processed directly on the device, which is faster and more secure than the online method.
  4. Fall detection: Uses image recognition techniques and deep neural networks to detect falls and increase home safety for seniors.
  5. Easy integration: Theopenness of Android makes it easy to integrate Akuvox products with home automation systems and third-party security systems.
  6. Deep customization: Thehigh flexibility of the Android system allows you to offer deep customization services to meet the specific needs of customers.
  7. Universal communication: they use the SIP universal IP communication protocol, which allows to build an extensive communication system and easy to integrate into a telephone system.
  8. Intelligent Cloud Service: Akuvox SmartPlus is an intelligent cloud intercom service that allows Akuvox intercom and access control devices to intelligently link, communicate and interact with each other without geographical restrictions.
  9. Premium audio and video quality: Deliver premium audio and video quality for clear, crisp communication between systems that support SIP.

Simplify and improve security in your facilities with Akuvox SmartPlus, the most complete video door entry app

By Demes Group customers who have Akuvox equipment can now request access to the SmartPlus mobile application, for installer and user accounts. It is a complete tool for video door entry that offers a simple and friendly interface, available for iPhone and Android devices.

Through the SmartPlus App it is possible to receive push notifications in real time when a call occurs, store and access the activity log and obtain accurate information about each event. It also captures images through the camera at each event and records the movement detected by its outer plate. It also highlights the possibility of creating virtual keys, which allows temporary access to be shared with third parties, and the variety of opening modes of the outer plates, such as radio frequency key fob, Bluetooth, gesture with the mobile phone and facial recognition.

In this way, Akuvox SmartPlus becomes an ideal solution for people looking for an extremely complete and easy-to-use video door entry application, with a fluid and very efficient experience. Remember that By Demes Group helps you throughout the process: request access to the Akuvox SmartPlus account today and set up the site on your own or with the help of Akuvox technical support.

For more information about Akuvox use the contact form of By Demes Group, our excellent commercial team will assist and advise you at all stages of your professional projects.