Anti-theft Smoke Alarm: what is it, how does it work and which one to choose?

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Equipo de Marketing By Demes GroupJUNE 22, 2021

The anti-theft smoke alarm systems are a growing trend among alarm installers and owners, thanks to their high effectiveness in home and business intrusion situations. That's why By Demes has the most reliable device on the market: the VESTA anti-theft alarm smoke. We will explain what it is, how it works, and which one to choose.   


What is the VESTA anti-theft alarm smoke?

The innovative VESTA Alarm System presents the NebulaVESTA security smoke generator (Ref. VESTA-156), a device that stands out for its high reliability when it comes to preventing a theft or an occupation. It is capable of saturating the environment where it is located thanks to the anti-theft smoke curtain that completely prevents visibility. In this way, it is impossible to operate inside the room in which it is located.

The installation of the Nebula VESTA device offers several advantages:

  • Compatibility with the VESTA Panel
  • Saturation of 150 m3 in 30 seconds is possible.
  • Small footprint, low installation costs, and ease of use
  • Includes a full smoke load by default
  • Radio module and integrated relay inputs and output, as well as a siren with wall tamper
  • Remote activation possible, from the ARC or SmartHomeSec App
  • Battery-powered, with a service life of up to 4 years
  • Non-toxic smoke certified to ensure compliance with essential safety requirements
  • Activation according to rules assigned in the VESTA Panel
  • Possibility of activation by verified alarm (magnetic, magnetic, and PIR jump, etc.)

How does the VESTA smoke generator work and how is it configured?

The Nebula VESTA device can be activated in three different ways: by manual and remote activation of the smoke generator via a button, by automatic activation, and by activation according to preset rules (time, other activated devices, system status, etc.).

Its operation is simple and effective at the same time, since when the system alarm detects an irregularity and activates the operation of the device. It is then that the anti-theft smoke starts to be generated and the intruder will have no choice but to flee.

The configuration of the products in the smoke burglar alarm range by the installer is relatively simple. To do this, a series of simple steps must be followed through the SmartHomeSec App. To understand in more depth how the Nebula VESTA smoke generator works and is configured, we share a video tutorial:

What to take into account when choosing an anti-theft smoke alarm?

When purchasing an alarm system and burglar alarm smoke device, it is essential to be guided and advised by the salesperson assigned to you. However, it is important to pay attention to the certification of the alarm system and its devices. The VESTA Alarm System, for example, has Grade 2 and Grade 3 control panels that strictly comply with current regulations.

As for the anti-theft smoke generator, another key aspect is to make sure that the contents are not toxic for people, as is the case with Nebula VESTA, which complies with all the UNE certifications required for this type of device. We will also look at the expiry date to know when to renew it. Finally, we will look at the size of the area to be protected, in this way we will ensure that the cartridge will act adequately in the area to be protected. For example, with the VESTA-265 cartridge, we can cover between 100 and 130 m3.

Cases of application of anti-theft smoke

We can use the Nebula VESTA smoke generator device in different types of spaces, such as restaurants, shops, offices, caravans, or homes. If you have any doubts, we advise you to consult your assigned sales representative for personalized advice.

For more information, please use the By Demes contact form, our excellent sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.