Best access control solutions for hotels in 2022


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Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group AUGUST 16, 2022

Access control systems in hotels are essential to ensure the security and privacy of guests and employees, but also to control the access of unauthorised persons in certain areas. From By Demes, leading distributor of security and IoT technologies, we want to share the best access control solutions for hotels in 2022.


The importance of hotel security

As we have already mentioned, security in hotels is a fundamental pillar for employees and guests. Apart from following regulations, developing comprehensive security plans or hiring a hotel security guard, there is a growing need to implement efficient and secure access control systems.

It is no longer only essential to control access to rooms, but also to other areas of the hotel, making it easier to enter them.
In general, this is achieved by implementing several systems that are linked by a physical card, provided to the guest or employee, but which require the management of different systems.

ZKTeco access control systems for hotels

By Demes presents a ZKTeco solution that encompasses all of them, thanks to the hotel management version of BioSecurity.

With BioSecurity it is possible to manage the room locks offline, as the permissions fall on the user's own card, and to include in the management all the accesses of auxiliary areas, such as gym, leisure room, parking... In this way, the hotel can control the capacity in all areas of the hotel and even limit access to certain floors with the control of the lifts.

The ZKTeco licence for the activation of the hotel module for up to 25 ZK-407 offline locks is available from By Demes.

Another interesting aspect offered by BioSecurity is the possibility of monitoring employee attendance thanks to the presence terminals. At By Demes we have the following:

  • ZK-268 - Management of 5 time and attendance terminals.
  • ZK-281 - Management of 10 time&attendance terminals
  • ZK-112 - Management of 25 presence terminals

We will also look at ZKBioBHLMS, which allows you to manage the room locks online, as well as the modules, with real-time information on the status of the locks and updating of permissions. It facilitates guest management through a mobile app, from which check-in and check-out, door opening and other internal hotel management can be carried out, providing an innovative user experience for guests. All this without compromising the level of security in access control.

For more information about ZKTeco's solutions for access control in hotels, please use the By Demes contact form, our excellent sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.