By Demes Group becomes distributor of H3C Networking products in Europe

By Demes Group becomes distributor of H3C Networking products in Europe
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Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group AUGUST 17, 2023
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Having cutting-edge networking solutions has become an unavoidable necessity for companies looking to stay competitive and agile in the market. In this context, H3C, a leading company in the provision of digital solutions, is positioned as a reliable partner for those who want to innovate in their businesses and transform digitally. And now, thanks to the strategic alliance between H3C and By Demes Group, these state-of-the-art solutions are available in Europe, giving companies in the country access to a complete portfolio of digital infrastructure products.

Discover the technological innovation that is transforming business connectivity by accessing By Demes Group's extensive H3C device catalog.


Discovering the technological excellence of H3C

H3C Technologies Co. Ltd, known for its commitment to innovation and digital transformation, offers a wide range of digital infrastructure products spanning storage, networking, security, 5G, endpoints and more. The company excels at providing solutions tailored to specific scenarios, enabling digital transformation in various industries, from telecommunications to education, manufacturing and more.

With more than 30 years of experience in the market, H3C has become a benchmark in technical innovation, with more than 50% of its staff in the area of research and development. With more than 13,000 patents registered, H3C is an undisputed leader in the creation and development of technologies that drive the digital economy.

H3C Networking: intelligent connectivity for companies

At the heart of H3C's offering is its H3C Networking division, which encompasses a wide range of enterprise networking solutions. From advanced switches to management and security solutions, H3C Networking is designed to meet the changing needs of modern organizations.

H3C Switch solutions stand out for their innovation and performance. With a variety of models spanning from access to the core of the network, H3C switches offer reliable and efficient connectivity that is essential to keeping business operations smooth. In addition, the integration of artificial intelligence into network administration enables more proactive and automated management, resulting in a superior user experience and greater operational efficiency.

Strategic alliance between H3C and By Demes Group

It is now possible to purchase H3C products through By Demes Group, the new official distributor of H3C networking products in the country. With its solid reputation in the field of technology distribution and security solutions, By Demes Group is the ideal partner to bring H3C solutions to companies in Europe.

This strategic alliance not only facilitates access to H3C products in Europe, but also ensures that local businesses receive exceptional support and service. Through By Demes Group, companies can explore H3C's product ranges, access detailed pricing and feature information, and have the advice they need to choose the solutions that best suit their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about H3C Networking

  • What makes H3C switches stand out in the Networking market? H3C switches stand out for their focus on technological innovation and superior performance. The integration of artificial intelligence into network administration enables proactive and efficient management.
  • What are the benefits of integrating AI into H3C Networking products? Integration enables smarter, more proactive network management. This translates into faster problem detection and resolution, greater operational efficiency, and a better experience for end users.
  • What is the range of security solutions offered by H3C Networking? It offers a wide range of security solutions ranging from network protection to threat management. These solutions are designed to protect data integrity and ensure privacy in an increasingly complex and threatening digital environment.
  • Does H3C offer specific solutions for the deployment of 5G networks? Yes, H3C offers specific networking solutions for the implementation of 5G networks. These solutions are designed to provide fast and reliable connectivity in the 5G network environment, allowing businesses to take full advantage of this emerging technology.

Discover a connected future with H3C Networking

The collaboration between H3C and By Demes Group opens up a world of possibilities for companies in Europe looking to boost their digital transformation. With high-quality networking solutions backed by H3C's expertise and By Demes Group's commitment to customer service excellence, companies can initiate strategic decisions for their technological future. Explore the new era of business connectivity with H3C Networking and By Demes Group!

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