By Demes, new distributor of Defendertech in Europe

By Demes, new distributor of Defendertech in Europe
Equipo de Marketing
Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group APRIL 20, 2022

The new commercial agreement reached in 2022 makes By Demes the new distributor of Defendertech in Europe. In this way, we expand our catalog of solutions and offer all our clients in Spain an innovative solution with which to complement their projects.


360º security thanks to Defendertech

Defendertech, a company of Italian origin, produces innovative intrusion devices made in Italy, which guarantee complete security, whether we are talking about anti-theft or disinfection systems. It currently has three main product lines: DefenderTech and Extrafog for intrusion and SanyTech for the disinfection of environments. In addition, these three product lines adapt to different situations and even offer an automated hybrid disinfectant-anti-theft solution.

Defendertech Fog Generators

Defendertech's main anti-theft solution focuses on fog cannons, designed to compensate for a major deficiency that characterizes classic alarm systems: the time between the alarm going off and the arrival of the police or security guards. And it is that, these days, thieves are not always intimidated by sirens or video surveillance cameras.

In this sense, Defendertech allows intruders to be neutralized, firing a particularly dense anti-theft fog, which blinds, traps and leaves only one alternative: escape from the place.

Some of the features of Defendertech fog generators are:

  • Dense, heavy and persistent fog, rechargeable at any time
  • Liquid with no expiration date, ready to shoot for 10-20 minutes, even when completely cold
  • Low consumption, only when the system is armed and, in the absence of electricity, is capable of firing a 1-minute shot
  • Compatible with any control panel and capable of integrating with third party software
  • Different levels of protection against accidental shots
  • High-level technical assistance
  • Compliance with the EN 50131-8 standard, thus offering 100% safe liquids and mist for people, animals and objects (they are not flammable)
  • 5 year warranty

Thus, Defendertech offers a Dual Use product (anti-theft + disinfectant) with maximum installation versatility, the lowest maintenance cost, really low power consumption and a range of completely autonomous devices.

Discover in the By Demes Defendertech Catalog the different models offered by the innovative brand of fog generators.

Integration with U-PROX

The integration with the U-PROX panels makes the system plug & play, since the activation transmitter is incorporated, and in the event of an alarm it would activate the fog generator.

Advanced integration with VESTA

The integration of the fog generators with VESTA allows total control and supervision in a simple and easy way. We simply enroll the fog generator modules to the panel and it is ready to use.

We can monitor:

  • Fog generator sabotage
  • Heater Arm Status(Armed or Disarmed)
  • Liquid level (No liquid/ Normal liquid level)
  • Communication Monitoring

Mist activation can be executed by:

  • Alarm
  • Verified alarm (More than one zone is activated in a programmable period of time)
  • Remotely from APP
  • From ARC

For more information use the By Demes contact form, our excellent sales team will assist you as soon as possible.