By Demes signs new exclusive distribution agreement with Wi-Tek in Europe

By Demes signs new exclusive distribution agreement with Wi-Tek in Europe
Equipo de Marketing
Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group OCTOBER 11, 2022

Wi-Tek (Wireless-Tek Technology Limited) is the new manufacturer and supplier of networking products for SMEs. Located in China, we find the offices in Shenzhen and the factory in SiChuan. Since 2009 it focuses on research, development, production, sales and service of networking products mainly oriented to video transmission, i.e. the ideal solution for video surveillance professionals. Wi-Tek is distributed in more than 60 countries, and now, thanks to the agreement with By Demes Group, we are expanding its distribution even further.

It stands out for its strict and professional quality control and installation qualification test equipment. Products include Access Points, Routers, Switcheria, PtP/PmP Antennas, 4G communications, Wi-Fi6 Equipment, Accessories, etc. everything a good professional needs for his CCTV system.


Solutions for SMEs

Wi-Tek focuses on real end-user requirements, such as hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, high-speed railway structures or offices. To this end, it presents innovative and cost-effective products for WLAN and WISP application, covering all areas required by SMEs in a customised way, with excellent security expertise, covering all requirements on the network.

In addition, it has WiFi 6 solutions, Onvif IP camera remote control, maintenance and operations and even solutions for outdoor non-internet areas, SD-Lan, OpenVPN, CLI configuration and management, and much more.

Why choose Wi-Tek?

  1. Quality at reasonable prices: Wi-Tek offers 3 to 5 years warranty, depending on the product, with the most competitive prices in the market.
  2. Complete solution: Wi-Tek designs its products especially for VIDEO SURVEILLANCE PROFESSIONALS, but still offers access to the full range of SMB networking products, such as industrial switches, 4G routers, WiFi access points6, point-to-point/multipoint antennas, CCTV-focused transmission.
  3. Simplicity: ease of equipment configuration, DIP switch selectable configurations, auto-configuration of Point-to-Point antennas.
  4. Scalability: wide range of items in each of the product lines to properly size the installation and avoid unnecessary cost overruns.
  5. Operability: equipment management by Cloud, accessible from Web Browser, or APP, both for Android and iOS. You will be able to restart switch outlets, the equipment itself, remote updates, equipment tunneling, ONVIF equipment management, network mapping, share installations with your clients or colleagues, antenna configuration, and much more.
  6. Distribution: distributed exclusively by By Demes Group, the best distributor in the sector, ensuring that in 24 hours you will have your order in your office and that you will have a permanent stock. By Demes Group is the only official MASTER distributor authorised by Wi-Tek in Europe.
  7. Technical Support: technical team trained to help you with projects or with doubts and pre-sales.

For more information use the By Demes contact form, our excellent sales team will attend you as soon as possible.