How to install security cameras according to the police?

How to install security cameras according to the police?
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Being able to offer our customers the possibility of watching over their home or professional establishment requires a high quality surveillance camera system (CCTV) that guarantees complete control and efficient support for an anti-intrusion system.

At By Demes, we offer our customers the largest catalogue of products for their professional projects, adapting to the specific needs of each problem, and getting ahead with the most innovative devices on the market from leading brands. All this thanks to our wide variety of high-end surveillance solutions, which can be consulted in our CCTV product catalogue.

Nowadays most professional businesses are equipped with security cameras, however, they are not always installed correctly. According to the Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals, 70% of CCTV cameras are poorly placed and lack quality, which is detrimental to police investigations. To achieve effective surveillance, the installation of cameras must follow certain steps, boosting the performance of the systems and thus reducing the risks of intrusion.

So how to install security cameras correctly and efficiently? On this occasion we are going to share some tips, following the recommendations of the Mossos d'Escuadra (autonomous police of Spain).


The importance of installing security cameras

Indoor or outdoor security cameras, visible and accompanied by warning signs, are the main deterrents for various malicious intents.

Being able to be aware of possible suspicious activities, and being alerted when they occur, provides the end customer with peace of mind and security. With the development of new technologies in security surveillance cameras, CCTV systems can even be connected to mobile devices, in order to reinforce the proximity to the site and the speed of warning in the event of an intrusion.

Even if your customers' home or business is perceived as "secure" and "risk-free", you can never foresee a potential incident. In addition to detecting intrusions, home and business surveillance cameras allow you to monitor the activities of people visiting your indoor and outdoor spaces, leaving a video record of any events that need to be reviewed.

What is the process of installing security cameras like?

These benefits and advantages can be achieved only if one parameter is taken seriously: the correct installation of video surveillance devices. First of all, it is necessary to carry out a preliminary study of the site in order to identify the most vulnerable areas and the main access routes, such as: common areas, staircases, entrances and exits, windows and other exterior routes, exterior porches...

Once the installation areas have been selected, the layout of the CCTV cameras must be taken into account. For maximum security and optimum visibility, the security cameras should be positioned in corners, and at ceiling height, with a sufficient inclination to show the entire space. Indoors as well as outdoors, it is always best to opt for small, discreet security cameras that blend in with their surroundings. It is also advisable to ensure that nothing interferes with the camera's field of view, and to install them so that they cannot be tampered with.

Depending on the type of security camera chosen, installation and connectivity methods vary. It will therefore be necessary to have power sources nearby in the case of wired connectivity and an application-based configuration in the case of wireless surveillance camera systems.


The police essential tips for optimal video surveillance

CCTV video surveillance cameras are indispensable tools for police investigations. When an intrusion, theft or any type of crime occurs, the images and videos are essential evidence that can allow the identification of the criminals. Any detail of the events of people is relevant. Precisely for this reason, good image quality and resolution are required, as well as a well-designed installation.

According to the authorities, security cameras must have a certain image quality. For proper recognition, a resolution of 500 pixels/metre or more, or 80 pixels/face, such as a motorised varifocal optical camera, is recommended. In addition to the quality, the illumination level of the areas must be sufficient for optimal visibility. For this reason, it is advisable to install additional light sources to the video surveillance cameras for the darkest areas and even to equip them with infrared cameras.

In terms of installation, CCTV cameras should be installed in such a way as to obtain the largest field of vision, prioritising the most frequented passage areas and orientation towards people. In terms of accessibility to the images, it is always safer to store them in an environment with access control (password) limited to personnel. Finally, the use of uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS) should be considered in the event of a power failure.

5 IP security cameras recommended by By Demes

From our product catalogue, we have selected the 5 best video surveillance cameras that are perfectly adapted to the advice given above.

1. DAHUA-1988N-FO outdoor/indoor dome camera

The DAHUA-1988N-FO IP dome camera can be installed both outdoors and indoors. Equipped with IVS intelligence and 2.7~13.5 mm motorised optics, it offers one of the best performances on the market.


2. HIK-11N Outdoor/Indoor Dome Camera

This second HiWatch™ IP Dome camera from HIKVISION® features 2.8~12mm motorised optics to suit both indoor and outdoor environments, and is equipped with MicroSD Slot, RJ45, Onvif, IP67, 3AXIS, PoE.


3. Outdoor Bullet Camera HYU-893

Bullet cameras are the most popular cameras for outdoor use and offer the most accurate performance. The HYUNDAI Next Gen 60m Smart IR IP bullet camera is equipped with a face detection system with up to 8MP resolution at 20 fps, coupled with IVS intelligence and 2.8~12mm (108°~30°) motorised optics.


4. Outdoor Bullet Camera DAHUA-2640-FO

This second DAHUA -2640-FO bullet camera is also recommended for outdoor spaces and is based on capabilities such as: face capture, face attributes, perimeter protection and people counting. Equipped with intelligent detection (IVS) and heat mapping, it can obtain images with a resolution of up to 5MP at 20 fps.


5. HIK-349 Outdoor Bullet Surveillance Camera

Finally, the HIKVISION® HIK-349 IP security camera is one of the most efficient bullet surveillance cameras. It has a line/intrusion crossover and face detection for a resolution of 8MP at 12 fps, H.265/H.264 format.


For more information about our security camera systems, please contact us via the By Demes contact form. Our excellent sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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