How to save energy with VESTA home automation?

How to save energy with VESTA home automation?
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Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group AUGUST 9, 2021
Achraf BouchtarouifProduct Manager VESTA

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The price of electricity has skyrocketed in Spain, with an increase of up to 60%, thus affecting the bills of consumers and the self-employed, but also of large, medium and small companies. However, for all those professionals looking to save energy for their customers, By Demes is introducing its VESTA energy saving devices. This solution from the innovative intrusion brand allows to improve consumption depending on the time zone (peak, flat and valley). How to save energy with VESTA home automation? We explain it in detail below.


How to save energy at home? - 6 must-have devices

VESTA home automation is the ultimate solution to save light, as well as to control energy consumption at homes. It is a range of home automation devices for energy saving in which we can highlight: smart plugs, power meter switches and energy meters.

Smart devices allow you to remotely program, control and activate or deactivate home appliances. In addition, another of its great advantages is that the user will be able to identify the electrical appliances that consume the most, which ones can be used simultaneously, or check the contracted power. You will be able to adapt to energy saving measures.

For this, VESTA introduces 6 home automation devices to save energy:

  • VESTA clamp meter for energy measurement (ref. VESTA-269)
  • VESTA Z-Wave energy meter (ref. VESTA-268)
  • VESTA <3300W DIN rail power meter switch (ref. VESTA-260)
  • VESTA DIN rail power meter switch> 3300W (ref. VESTA-259)
  • Relay switch for VESTA power meter (ref. VESTA-106)
  • VESTA switch / power meter (ref. VESTA-042

All the devices mentioned above have an smart configuration that allows you to take measures to save electricity by identifying and controlling the consumption of a home. After advice from the assigned salesperson and the correct installation of the devices, users will be able to see the savings reflected in the electricity bill.


Using VESTA home automation to save energy in offices, restaurants and shops

The use of home automation to save energy is an essential aspect to consider in different types of businesses, which since the increase in the price of electricity have seen business profits seriously harmed. We talk about businesses such as hairdressers, offices, copy shops, restaurants or shops among others. How can we save energy in this type of establishment? Again, from By Demes we recommend consulting with the assigned salesperson to advise us taking into account the consumption and the devices used by the business.

It should be noted that, in recent years, from By Demes, leading electronic security and home automation company in the Iberian market, we have noticed a great demand for IoT SmartHome devices, not only for energy saving, but also for the implementation of a home. and smart companies, which translates into greater efficiency and security.

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