Impact detector or seismic detector?

Impact detector or seismic detector?
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Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group FEBRUARY 11, 2021
Oscar Rubí FernándezDirector Departamento de Ingeniería y Proyectos de By Demes Group

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Inertial detectors are devices that allow us to immediately warn of a possible intrusion. There are different types for multiple applications. However, which one to install? The new European standard UNE-EN 5011-2-8 specifies certain requirements and, thanks to this, we can know when to choose an impact detector or a seismic detector.


At By Demes, the leading distributor of intrusion products in Spain, we will explain what they are, when to use them and we will introduce the novelties from Alarmtech manufacturer, a world specialist in the manufacture of this type of device.


What is an impact detector?

An impact detector (also known as a vibration sensor or impact sensor) is an inertial magnetic detector that allows to perceive an attack on a physical barrier, such as a door or a window.

Alarmtech Grade 3 DEM-716 (CD 475) Shock Detector

The Alarmtech DEM-716 (CD 475) impact detector performs accurate and reliable monitoring against attacks by power tools and protects against attacks from cutting tools, such as the saber saw. The detection radius is up to 3 meters, shows a high resistance to false alarms and has the EN50131 Grade 3 certificate. It is ideal for protecting very high risk spaces.

It can be installed on windows or doors, but also on a concrete wall if we have the DEM-683 (MP 500) installation plate from Alarmtech.


What is a seismic detector?

The seismic detector (or seismic sensor) does not have a European standard. However, although it performs a very similar function to impact detectors, this type of device captures vibrations and sound oscillations, being appropriate for drilling attacks (thermal lances). Some examples may be safes, vaults or ATMs.

Alarmtech Grade 3 DEM-682 (VD 500) Seismic Detector

The DEM-682 (VD 500) seismic detector from Alarmtech is a reliable and robust solution against attacks from explosives, thermal tools and mechanical tools such as circular saws, emery boards or diamond bits. It is approved in banking and by different manufacturers of ATMs, protecting safes, gunsmiths, metal filing cabinets, ATMs or concrete walls. It is suitable for Grade 3 installations. It is a detector with high immunity to environmental disturbances, thanks to the possibility of being able to configure its sensitivity and type of object through DIP switches.

It must be installed firmly, avoiding joints in the material. As in the previous case, to install on concrete and brick walls it is advisable to have the DEM-683 (MP 500) installation plate from Alarmtech. The Alarmtech DEM-680 (WH 400) enclosure can also be used to maintain proper humidity.



For more information on Alarmtech shock detectors or seismic detectors, do not hesitate to contact By Demes using the contact form. Our sales team will assist you as soon as possible.