Smart lock for tourist flats

Smart lock for tourist flats
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Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group JUNE 24, 2024

Technological evolution has revolutionised many aspects of everyday life, including the way we manage tourist spaces. We could highlight that the implementation of smart locks is a very important advance in the management of accommodation, offering more security, comfort and efficiencyDiscover our Access Control catalogue and find the most advanced and reliable products on the market, taking the security of your tourist space to a new level! 

Smart lock for tourist flats

What is a smart lock and how does it work? 

 A smart lock is an advanced security device designed to replace traditional locks, offering greater levels of control, convenience and security. Unlike conventional locks, smart locks use digital technologies and network connectivity to offer enhanced functionality and more flexible management.

Smart locks have the ability to connect to networks such as WiFi or Bluetooth, allowing them to be remotely programmed and controlled to open and close from anywhere. They can also be managed via a mobile app, using an electronic key or fingerprint recognition. 

Why choose a smart lock for Airbnb or vacation rental flats?  

The best smart lock for Airbnb or vacation rental flats offers numerous benefits that improve both property management and guest experience. These smart exterior door locks are ideal for rental properties because of their advanced features and ability to simplify access management. Here are the reasons why smart locks are the choice for AirbnB or vacation rentals. 

  • Remote management and flexibility: Smart locks allow owners to manage access to the outside door of the accommodation remotely. Through a mobile app, the door can be locked or unlocked from anywhere, making it easy for guests to check in and out without having to be physically present. 
  • Increased security: Opting for the best smart locks available on the market ensures a higher level of security and reduces the risk of unauthorised access and increases the protection of the property and the guest. 
  • Convenience for guests: Smart locks offer a more convenient and modern user experience. Guests can receive temporary PIN codes or digital keys directly to their mobile phones, eliminating the need to worry about losing physical keys and facilitating access to the property at any time of the day or night.

Danalock the SALTO smart lock: the keyless lock for holiday flats

The Danalock SALTO smart lock does not rely on Wi-Fi or internet connection for its operation, as it communicates with the VESTA alarm centre via Z-WAVE, ensuring an extremely reliable and secure connection. This keyless smart lock allows remote control of the exterior door via the SmartHomeSec web portal, eliminating the need for physical keys and reducing risk. Guests can enjoy flexible and autonomous check-in and check-out, while managers save time and additional costs. 

 In addition, Danalock stands out for its exceptional security thanks to its anti-theft cylinder and 256-bit AES encryption technology, which protects against tampering and ensures that only authorised persons can access secure areas. This innovation transforms the management of tourist flats into something more secure and convenient for everyone. 

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