SmartRetailSec, the most complete global retail security ecosystem

SmartRetailSec, the most complete global retail security ecosystem
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Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group MARCH 15, 2023
Oscar Rubí FernándezDirector Departamento de Ingeniería y Proyectos de By Demes Group

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Despite the increase in online purchases in recent years, the retail sector generates most of its income in physical establishments. It is precisely there where the highest rate of losses occurs, which are mainly attributed to customer and staff theft, but also to human errors and the great diversity of processes that are difficult to combine and automate. How can we reduce and stop losses?

The joint implementation of CCTV, Access Control, IoT and Alarm systems has proven to be the most effective solution. For this reason, By Demes introduces the SmartRetailSec retail security system: a global solution that optimizes daily operations, improves the customer experience and allows a unified control of all security and home automation systems.


The importance of security systems in shopping centers, supermarkets and stores

The main cause of losses in the retail sector is due to thefts committed by customers and employees. Although most establishments currently already have a video surveillance system, it is not so common for them to be complemented with intrusion or access control systems, which significantly reduces their effectiveness in preventing theft.

It is also important to consider the resources that are allocated to the different daily operations carried out by the staff, in general those operations that are more complex to automate separately, such as access control to warehouses and changing rooms, light control, control of air quality,  cold storage status, connection and disconnection of the alarm, etc. In most cases, these operations are not centralized.

On the other hand, we must also consider the change of habits by the consumer, who expects an increasingly satisfactory shopping experience. That's when the implementation of home automation through IoT devices comes into play.

SmartRetailSec Global Ecosystem Solution

Unify all security and IoT management through SmartRetailTec. This global ecosystem will allow you to combine intrusion systems, video surveillance, access control and fire detection in different areas of the establishment. In addition, you will be able to integrate a wide variety of IoT devices. This solution is applicable to shopping centers, department stores and supermarkets, but also to clothing stores, restaurants and conventional stores.

The multi-rule operation will allow the interaction of all the elements with each other, applying it to the different areas of the establishment, being able to control and apply different actions, such as energy consumption, the temperature of the cold rooms, access to restricted areas, shutdown and turning on lights or opening and closing blinds, among others. Improve employee operations, save costs and generate greater benefits in your projects by applying automatic rules or performing operations in real time.

SmartRetailSec Highlights

VESTA's exclusive multi-rule operation allows the VESTA-113N hybrid control panel to provide maximum security thanks to its Grade 3 certification and multiple possibilities for automation through Z-Wave and ZigBee protocols. We can implement more than 70 devices from the VESTA universe itself for a fully customized solution adapted to retail problems.

We can highlight the VESTA-344 access control module, the VESTA-288 universal air conditioning control, the VESTA-260 switch and power meter, the VESTA-296 blind control element, the VESTA-245N motion detector, the VESTA-306 fire detector or the VESTA-248 temperature sensor and probe for cold rooms.

At the integration level, the element for automatic switching on and off of lights FIBARO-005 and the integration with Dahua Technology cameras stand out, which allows video surveillance and video analytics functions through artificial intelligence. We can also integrate the functions of for BUSINESS, an all-in-one solution that allows you to monitor and control the situation of the premises through the mobile App. Thanks to automatic alerts we can warn of a theft, delays in the opening of the premises or receive operational reports that will help make better decisions.


The SmartRetailSec solution is the most flexible and complete on the market, extremely versatile, adaptable to different types of businesses within the retail sector. Its installation is easy and fast. It allows a wide variety of advanced rules and immediate management through a mobile device. Offer your clients a comprehensive solution that combines security, energy efficiency and temperature control, access control and people management or environmental quality.

Do you need more information or support? Use the By Demes Group contact form and our excellent sales team will contact you to ensure the greatest success in your SmartRetailSec implementation. We will advise you on the planning, implementation and monitoring of the case.