The boat-taxis of Kon Tiki Cruises in Spain, are equipped with the standalone VESTA alarm, thanks to CMAX Seguridad

The boat-taxis of Kon Tiki Cruises in Spain, are equipped with the standalone VESTA alarm, thanks to CMAX Seguridad
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Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group FEBRUARY 17, 2021

Installing an alarm system is essential to immediately detect a possible break-in, theft or vandalism. However, in the case of boats, a specific technology is required. Thanks to CMAX Seguridad, since 2021, three Kon Tiki cruise ship taxis have one of the most innovative intrusion systems on the market: the VESTA 100% standalone alarm, powered by batteries.


Effective safety solution on boats and other vessels

Far from wasting the reduction in its activity caused by the pandemic, Kon Tiki Cruises, a leading company with 55 years of experience in Alicante (Spain), has chosen to install a security system on three of its 35-meter-long vessels.

Why they have opted for the VESTA Alarm System? The standalone control panels (VESTA-067 and VESTA-068) work completely independently, so they do not consume the ships' batteries, which must be reserved for maintenance and starting and which, furthermore, are not always connected.

Thanks to its specific characteristics and multiple advantages, the standalone control panel becomes the best alarm for boats on the market:

  • Does not require external power or internet connection via router
  • 2G and 4G communication, to transmit even in remote places
  • Test transmissions every 6 hours, to guarantee high security
  • Long battery life, between 1 and two years
  • Compatibility with more than 50 devices
  • Configuration from screen, keyboard or calendar programming
  • Grade 2 Certificate

All this has been possible thanks to CMAX Seguridad, a company located in Alicante (Spain), which has known how to detect the specific needs of this type of transport and offer personalized advice to find the best solution, always based on the most innovative technology on the market.


VESTA first reviews

Kon Tiki Cruises affirms that "the installation of this alarm system generates greater peace of mind, since due to the situation caused by Covid-19, our vessels spend more time docked" and that "CMAX Security has helped us find an alarm adapted to ships that does not depend on our internal power ”.

At By Demes we want to take the opportunity to highlight the professionalism of Manuel Matias, manager of CMAX Consultores and his extensive experience in the sector. Likewise, thank you for the trust placed in VESTA products as an intrusion system.

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