The challenges of hotel security in 2024

The challenges of hotel security in 2024
Equipo de Marketing
Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group OCTOBER 6, 2023
Javier Álvaro BlancoResponsable Departamento de Ingeniería y Proyectos de By Demes Group

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Efficient security not only ensures customer satisfaction, but also raises the overall quality of hotel services. The perception that belongings and personal integrity are safe is key. Francisco Javier Álvaro Blanco, head of the Engineering Department of By Demes Group, explains how security improvements become into an improvement in all aspects of the hotel, providing an exceptional experience.


The importance of automation and centralization of security systems for hotels

The market for hotel security systems is constantly evolving. With the advancement of Artificial Intelligence, automation has become a central element. From automatic door opening to intelligent access management and additional services, security is integrated with operational efficiency.

On the other hand, centralization of systems is essential for ease of use and quick response to events. Javier highlights the commitment of By Demes with solutions such as HYU Connect, which allows the integral control of CCTV cameras, accesses and vehicular management from a single platform. Artificial intelligence is leveraged to automate services and optimize operations.

How do electronic security devices protect?

The security strategy of By Demes is based on protective rings, from the inside out. Critical areas such as reception and corridors are protected by video surveillance, access control and intrusion. The exterior protection is done with video analytics to prevent improper access and activities such as "balconing".

The inclusion of security elements not only protects belongings, but also ensures the effectiveness of services. The security perceived by customers contributes to the reputation of the hotel and the trust of guests.

Francisco Javier Álvaro Blanco highlights the importance of artificial intelligence in video surveillance and access control devices. HYUNDAI's Colorview cameras are used for functions such as rapid location, perimeter analytics and face comparison, always complying with data protection regulations.

Integrated systems for efficient management

Comprehensive security, integrated into a single platform such as HYU Connect or SmartHomeSec, is essential for security managers. It facilitates the efficient monitoring and management of all systems, improving the response capacity to events. In this sense, the importance of planning and dependence on reliable companies to avoid cybersecurity problems is important. By Demes addresses these challenges through complete networking projects with H3C equipment, ensuring secure connections.

Technology from prestigious brands such as H3C is used to virtually protect customers' personal information and banking details. Trust in brands and technology partners is critical to ensuring security. Likewise, the scalability of HYUNDAI and VESTA stand out as reliable solutions to adapt to the unique needs of each hotel.

What is the future of hotel security?

Artificial intelligence continues to be the central focus. The evolution is oriented towards automated services, where surveillance cameras not only contribute to security but also to areas such as marketing and sales, optimizing operations and improving the customer experience.

Francisco Javier Álvaro Blanco highlights the importance of working with leading brands, such as HYUNDAI, Dahua Technology, VESTA, OPTEX, Vaelsys, Honeywell and H3C. The choice of reliable brands contributes to the success of the installation and adds real value to the safety of the hotel.

In this way, security in the hotel sector goes beyond physical protection: it is about providing a complete and safe experience to guests. By Demes Group, with its focus on advanced solutions and renowned brands, leads the way into the future of hotel security.

If you are a professional in the sector, consider the unique opportunity with By Demes to expand and improve your catalog of solutions. Ensure a safe and efficient future for hotel establishments with By Demes Group solutions. Use the By Demes Group contact form or contact your assigned person from the sales team. We will assist you as soon as possible.