Types of Fire Protection Systems

Types of Fire Protection Systems
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Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group AUGUST 18, 2021
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Fire protection systems, also known by their abbreviation as "PCI", are a set of equipment that is integrated with the structure of a building and whose main mission is to help prevent, detect and stop a possible fire. Currently, these systems must comply with a series of measures specified by the government. When we talk about types of Fire Protection systems, we refer to two main measures, although there are other classifications to consider that we will mention below.


Types of fire fighting systems

As we have advanced, there are two main fire protection measures:

- Passive fire protection measures

The objective of passive protection measures is to minimize the effect of the fire once it has occurred, limiting the spread of smoke and flames, to allow an evacuation of the building. We are talking about covering structures, air duct gates, fire doors, signs, compartmentalisation of fire sectors ...

- Active fire protection measures

For its part, the objective of active protection measures is to ensure that the fire is extinguished as quickly and effectively as possible in the building. Among the active measures we find fire detection measures, generally based on the detection of smoke or temperature increase and fire extinguishing measures, whether manual (fire extinguishers, equipped fire hydrants (BIE), dry column and hydrants) or automatic water, gas or dust (water curtains, foams, carbon dioxide, normal dust, multipurpose dust ...)

Fire protection installations

The equipment and systems that are part of fire protection installations must meet a series of conditions set by the government. The law details the regulations and requirements for design, installation, maintenance and minimum human resources that installation and maintenance companies of fire protection installations should have. Hence the importance of always betting on approved fire protection companies.


Fire protection systems available from By Demes

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