VESTA Second Home Alarm: the 100% standalone battery-operated alarm

VESTA Second Home Alarm: the 100% standalone battery-operated alarm
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Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group JANUARY 28, 2021
Achraf BouchtarouifProduct Manager VESTA

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Since their launch, VESTA alarm systems have stood out for their efficiency and high performance. Now, the innovative intrusion brand presents the new battery-operated alarm, which works from a 100% standalone control panel, with great communication flexibility and without the need for external power or internet connection. The result? The best alarm for second residence of this year, as a By Demes exclusive.


The best alarm for second residence

Increasing number of home owners are opting to put an alarm in the second residence or in their country house. However, not all alarms guarantee maximum security in places without electricity or with limited communication. That's when the battery-operated alarm comes into play, since it does not require external power or an internet connection via a router: the alarm will continue working with maximum effectiveness.

All this is thanks to its great 2G and 4G LTE communication flexibility, essential for sharing information in remote areas. It also has up to 50 radio zones, with a range between devices and the control panel of up to 2 km, ideal for the security of large areas. Finally, the long life of its batteries stands out, up to 1 year and 2 months, carrying out test transmissions every 6 hours to guarantee excellent operation.

  The second residence alarm models are the  VESTA-067 (BOGP-3-2G)  battery-powered cellular alarm system with 2G communication (BOGP-3-2G) and the VESTA-068 (BOGP-3-4G) battery-powered cellular alarm system with 4G communication (BOGP-3-4G).


Devices to protect the second home

  The new battery-operated alarm from VESTA is compatible with a wide catalog of more than 50 devices: keypads, sirens, smoke sensors, PIR detectors, PIRCAMS, temperature sensors, door contacts, perimeter detectors or vibration sensors among others. It also supports indoor and outdoor PIRCAMS, which allow users and their respective ARC’s to visually verify the alarm, as well as smoke detectors and water sensors, essential for protection against water leaks and fires, available 24 hours. Finally, we can add temperature sensors, configurable by ranges

An effective solution as an anti-squat alarm

Another interesting aspect of the new battery-operated alarm from VESTA is its anti-squatting solution, being one of the most recommended security options for unoccupied houses and buildings with scaffolding.

Alarm for second residence "Mobile Home" type

  In addition to all the mentioned, the new standalone alarm is also an excellent solution for the so-called “Mobile Home” and can be installed in motorhomes and yachts, thus creating the most complete second home protection solution on the market


Grade 2 certified alarm

The VESTA second home alarm has a Grade 2 certificate recognized and approved by the Ministry of the Interior. It guarantees high security for homes, thanks to its connection with the ARC (Alarm Receiving Center) and immediate notification to the owner and the police in the event of a robbery or break-in.

The battery-operated alarm allows total configuration from the keyboard and LCD screen, incorporated in the control panel. For greater comfort, it is also possible to program the arming automatically by the calendar. It also incorporates a 100dB siren, which emits an immediate warning, and the possibility of adding indoor and outdoor F1 sirens.

An interesting aspect is the maximum flexibility of the methods of communication of events and photographs with the ARCs (MANITOU, MANITOU encrypted, CID, SIA) and the possibility of remote access to the ARC for the quarterly tests, by a WAKE UP command.

Full control through the SmartHomeSec app

The alarm can be managed through the SmartHomeSec application, available in the Play Store and App Store, totally free for users and installers. The installer section offers quick and easy communication, in less than 10 minutes. The user will receive push notifications of events and alarms, as well as alarm notifications with photographs.

VESTA 100% standalone battery operated alarm, only available at By Demes

  For more information about the new system, do not hesitate to contact the By Demes sales team, the only authorized distributor, by filling in the  contact form on our website. We will get in touch and advise you as soon as possible.