Which is better to install, IP cameras or analogue cameras?

Which is better to install, IP cameras or analogue cameras?
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Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group JULY 20, 2022

Video surveillance cameras are essential elements in a security system. Depending on the type of installation to be carried out, it may be interesting to opt for one type of product or another. In this sense, the question of which is better to install, IP cameras or analogue cameras, often arises.

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What are IP cameras and how do they work?

IP cameras are video surveillance devices that use the Internet connection to send image, video and even audio signals. It can be through a fixed or dynamic network, such as Ethernet cable, local network or ADSL Router. These CCTV devices consist of a camera, a processor and an internal memory. Thanks to their own IP address they can remotely share content in real time.

Why use IP cameras?

We are talking about cameras that are extremely easy to install, without the need for wiring, and that can offer a wide variety of functions: sending photographs and videos in the event of an alarm, real-time viewing, sending immediate notifications... There is currently a great demand for indoor and outdoor Wifi IP cameras thanks to the aforementioned advantages and the ease of installation in flats, single-family homes, etc.

An interesting aspect to consider is the security of IP cameras, which can be affected by inhibition or hacking attempts if they are not properly updated and protected. It is also important to consider that the image quality can be affected by the Internet service available.


What are analogue surveillance cameras and how do they work?

Analogue cameras are the traditional devices used for video surveillance. In this case, signals are sent via coaxial cable or UTP cable to a recorder and in turn are output to a monitor. Analogue recorders record and store the images captured by the cameras.

Why use analogue security cameras?

The installation of this type of device is more complex, so it is generally necessary to have it installed by a specialised technician. However, it should be noted that their reliability is much higher, so they are usually used in professional or higher risk installations.


What is the difference between an analogue and a digital camera? What to take into account?

Below, we will see a comparison of the most notable differences between IP and analogue cameras that can help us to define which is the best option for each problem:

  • Installation: we have already seen that IP cameras are easier to install than analogue cameras. When choosing the camera, it will also be necessary to consider whether the area is difficult to wire or how far away from the house we want to install the camera.
  • Image quality: nowadays we can find high quality video and resolution in both options. It is essential to look at the specifications of the model.
  • Security and reliability: as we have already mentioned, IP cameras are more susceptible to hacking and inhibitions, however, analogue cameras are also vulnerable to vandalism. In any case, both systems are reliable if properly installed and protected.
  • Price: Until relatively recently, IP cameras were much more expensive than analogue cameras, but fortunately, there are increasingly cheaper models that we can use for our projects. In any case, the price of each device will vary depending on the features it offers.
  • Advanced functions: IP cameras can work individually, without the need for a video recorder, installing a microSD card to store recordings or events. Current models have IVS intelligent detection that allows perimeter detection of people, facial recognition or number plate reading, among other options.
  • Management: IP cameras allow control from the manufacturer's App, which allows us to receive notifications and view recordings in real time.

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