Cold storage rooms: How to control the temperature?


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Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group APRIL 12, 2021
Achraf BouchtarouifProduct Manager VESTA

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Cold storage rooms are spaces that have been specially designed for manufacturing and preservation. For this application, it is necessary to offer some conditions that require professionals to look for devices and thermometers that help measure and control the temperature in an effective way.

By Demes presents the solution of temperature control from VESTA, designed to protect sensitive products in cold storage rooms, freezer coolers, general storage, and others.


Types of cold storage rooms

First of all, there are two types of cold storage rooms: the ones for refrigeration and the freezer ones. The refrigeration chambers are also known as "positive temperature refrigeration chambers" and usually maintain the temperature between 10ºC and 0ºC, and are generally used to store fresh food. On the other hand, freezing chambers or "negative temperature refrigeration chambers" have an average range between 0ºC and -28ºC, sometimes lower, and they are more common for food freezing or preservation of biological material.

In these cases, the solution from VESTA is a full and indispensable tool to control the temperature in an effective way, and can be used for the following:

  • Food storage and preservation
  • Storage and preservation of biological products
  • Wineries and winemaking facilities
  • Production of medicines
  • Cigars cava
  • Maintenance of server room
  • Storage of tools and other electronic materials.

Devices of control in refrigeration system from VESTA

The new solution of temperature control from VESTA is the product launch of the most innovative and complete solution from By Demes for control in the refrigeration systems. It is effective in temperature ranges between +50ºC and -20ºC, it has an accuracy and reliability of ±1°C, it can be installed in refrigeration chambers, freezing chambers, and also in external areas.

How does it work? The system, controlled by the main panel, such as the panel VESTA-046 or the panel VESTA-047, is directly linked with the sensor with temperature probe VESTA-158 or the compact sensor of temperature  VESTA-157.


In this way, it is possible to receive information in real-time, make an exportable event log for up to 14 days and set an alarm that prevents abnormal temperatures from occurring, which could possibly damage sensitive products. But, also, it is possible to activate devices autonomously, such as switching on an emergency compressor by means of a switch.



Other advantages of these solutions for temperature control from VESTA are the simplicity and quick installation (don't require more than 8 minutes), the convenience of alerts, which can be set up through the VESTA App itself or a phone call through GSM, also their functionality, no wiring is required.

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