Discover the new HYUNDAI catalog in pocket format

Equipo de Marketing By Demes GroupAPRIL 11, 2018
You can access it in our exclusive section of "Downloads"/"Catalogs". Contact your salesman for special discount.


The new Hyundai catalog is now available in a more practical and functioning format. It is 60 pages and comprises of the most innovative products and the different attributes that will impact the CCTV market in 2018.

Especially noteworthy are our new 4 in 1 cameras up to 5 MP and the Nextgen  IP  cameras with more advanced features and come in up to 4k resolution. Additionally you will find the new generation of thermal cameras, our high end embedded LPR or WiFi range which has been extended to our newer models. We now also offer 4K LED monitors up to 42” and many more solutions we can offer in our new catalog.


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