and VESTA, the future of protection for the retail market and VESTA, the future of protection for the retail market
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Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group JANUARY 12, 2023 and VESTA, the future of protection for the retail market

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From small shops to large franchises with hundreds of locations, reducing shrinkage, tracking customer traffic, managing user access and remotely monitoring and controlling properties is a priority.'s unbeatable unified platform, merged with the revolutionary VESTA alarm, offers an unbeatable set of video analytics, automation and access solutions, providing your facility with a highly secure and unbeatable user experience, while allowing you to know the status of your business at all times.

A single solution for all possible scenarios

Reduce losses.
Reduce theft of goods with an easy to use and reliable system.

Access management. Keep track of employees or customers gaining access, while monitoring and securing entrances.
User code management and control. Avoid late opening or early closing costs with user activity alerts.
Flow control. Optimise human resources in real time according to the needs of your business through queue and people management.
Theft prevention.
Monitor high-value product areas and send immediate alerts if prohibited areas are accessed.
All-in-one solution. Keep track of everything in one intuitive interface, anywhere, anytime with the mobile application.
Heat maps. Optimise store resources and place products in the best locations.

Operational insight.
See what's happening at all times and receive regular reports to help you make decisions.
Prestige. Over 600,000 businesses rely on technology to protect property, people, inventory and more.

Product Range


HSGW-G8-4G-F1-868-ZW-DT-18 (ADC)
320-zone home security centre via radio with IP Ethernet connectivity + 4GLTe alarm


ADC-V724 WiFi IP Camera


Compact WiFi IP Alarm Camera




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