Complete your security solution with HYUNDAI Video Door Phones 🌐

Complete your security solution with HYUNDAI Video Door Phones 🌐
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Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group MAY 17, 2024


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HYUNDAI video door phones are an advanced communication solution that offers a personalised and enjoyable experience. With a 2 MP Fisheye camera, WDR and night vision, they provide crisp and clear images at any time of the day. Its simple controls and multiple applications offer a wide variety of options for access control and lift control.
Complete your security solution at the best price!

Key features of HYUNDAI video door phones:

2 MP Fisheye camera with WDR and night vision for crisp images in any condition.

 They store detailed records of events, such as visitor calls and authorised access.
The intuitive and
easy-to-use user interface
allows for quick configuration, reducing installation time.
Regular firmware updates to ensure optimal performance.
Compatibility with mobile devices, allowing the system to be accessed and controlled from anywhere.
Designed to blend perfectly into any environment.

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