Discover HYUNDAI's unique PoE monitor 🖥️

Discover HYUNDAI's unique PoE monitor 🖥️
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Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group FEBRUARY 8, 2024
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The only PoE-powered monitor on the market is HYUNDAI's HYU-459-POE. With a 12V DC 1A output, integrated LAN and USB port, it offers hassle-free installation, cost savings and location versatility, making it the ideal choice for efficient and scalable installations.

With HYU-459-POE say goodbye to complicated and costly wiring, HYU-459-POE is the solution your installation needs!

Key benefits of the HYUNDAI PoE monitor

Unlimited freedom: Simple cabling with PoE at (30w) up to 90 metres.
USB Versatility: Possibility to power compatible USB devices
Versatile power:
12V DC 1A output for your devices.
Clean and tidy:
Fewer cables, more efficiency.
Extended connectivity: Integrated LAN port as network switch.
Customised solutions: Adaptable to various security scenarios.

HYUNDAI PoE monitor


22" LED monitor with PoE





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