Effortless disarming with the new VESTA-307 keypad 📱

Effortless disarming with the new VESTA-307 keypad 📱
Equipo de Marketing
Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group MAY 18, 2023
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The new state-of-the-art Bluetooth Smart Keypad VESTA-307 allows users to conveniently deactivate the security system via Bluetooth, simply by approaching it with their smartphones, without having to access the app or manually enter the PIN codes of the keypad.

Advantages of the new VESTA smart keypad

14-button backlit keypad for optimal night-time visibility
Dual key buttons for activating panic, fire or medical emergency alarms
Operating temperature range
-10º to +45ºC

Tamper protection

Arming and disarming with NFC proximity key fob

Bluetooth function for mode switching by proximity with SmartHomeSec APP
Keypad and siren operation for multiple areas
Powerful siren
(97dB at 1 metre power) for signalling alarms and Entry/Exit delays
Bi-directional communication with VESTA panel: keypad armed status LED indicator
Wide range of RF communication and faster signal transmission

New VESTA smart keypad


VESTA keypad with siren and proximity reader


RRP VAT not included.

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