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Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group SEPTEMBER 13, 2023
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With the new access control furniture you eliminate the need for employees at entrances and control the capacity of people entering buildings, sports stadiums, amusement parks, etc. Installation is flexible and integration is easy with third-party readers. Thanks to its compact design, it has more interior space for integration.

Key advantages of the new access furniture

Reliability, security and design
Easy installation and maintenance
Made of SUS304 Steel (SUS316 optional)
Manual opening operation
Easy integration with any access control system
The largest technical support service in the market

Types of pedestrian access control furniture

Turnstiles: Popular models for easy installation and use. Require interaction by pushing the arm for access by rotating a 3-arm shaft. Common in gyms and events.
Hinged glass portlights: Formed by two bi-directional furniture that allow access by sliding two panes of glass into the furniture. They can be adapted to the needs of the installation, varying from 600 mm and reaching up to 1200 mm (depending on the model chosen).
FULLHEIGHT turnstiles: these models are full-height cage turnstiles that completely restrict access. Common in accesses with fences for a strict control of people.
Closing accessories: In any turnstile installation it is necessary to include elements that delimit the areas to redirect people through the passage areas. Steel railings, often with glass, are common in various designs.

Discover the new access control furniture


1-step vertical turnstile


1-step corridor turnstile


2-step vertical turnstile
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