New CUDY distributors!🌐

New CUDY distributors!🌐
Equipo de Marketing
Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group AUGUST 10, 2023
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We are expanding our networking portfolio with new WiFi networking solutions, 4G/5G and CUDY networking technologies! Since its founding in 2018, CUDY has been pioneering innovation in high-performance networking products for SOHO, ISP and SMEs, including WiFi routers, Mesh systems, 4G/5G routers, PoE, switches, enterprise WiFi, and outdoor and industrial networking equipment.

Benefits of CUDY, the most efficient network solution

Highly competitive products + fair price
Top IC Brands

Wide range of products
Rigorous quality control
Highly integrable and scalable
Permanent stock and shipments within
Self Developed Hardware and Software
Feature Rich Products:
Mesh / TTL Settings
The largest technical support service on the market
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Key features of CUDY networking solution

Enables remote working and secure remote files access with popular VPN protocols.
DNS encryption
Protect browsing record from leaking with DNSover TLS via Google, Cloudfalre, and quad9.
Cudy Mesh
All Cudy Mesh devices work together to provide seamless roaming for home/business scenarios.
ISP Preset
Customize default settings, such as IPTV/VLAN, and enable users to reset the device without messing up important config, saving maintenance costs.

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