Our new hybrid Grade 2 central unit is finally available!⭐

Our new hybrid Grade 2 central unit is finally available!⭐
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Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group APRIL 9, 2024
See the new hybrid central VESTA-388

Our new Grade 2 hybrid central unit VESTA-388 is finally available!
The true top seller, widely proven in the market. It offers 4G LTE connectivity, up to 320 zones, and advanced home automation for comprehensive protection and total peace of mind.

The ultimate solution to ensure the security of your clients' homes!


Benefits of the new hybrid VESTA central

Hybrid control panel with V-MAX BUS protocol to communicate with BUS devices.
8 independent partitions for individual protection.
Relay output for wiring any conventional siren.
The board supports 8 hardwired zones, facilitating installation with 2EOL and 3EOL options.
Compatible with HD devices.
Includes external antenna input to improve LTE/GPRS coverage even in remote areas.
Configuration via the SmartHomeSec APP facilitates intuitive control and management of the system.
Scalability up to 320 zones, combining wired, BUS and wireless zones.

Automatic detection of resistive values from APP.
Integrated 4G and IP (Ethernet) connectivity.

Hybrid central VESTA


VESTA LITE 4G+IP hybrid alarm system



RRP VAT not included.

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