Protect your multiple storage rooms against theft


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Protect your multiple storage rooms against theft

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VESTA has an easy and scalable solution for storage rooms, which allows the simultaneous protection and management of up to 50 storage rooms per panel, all of which can be configured through the advanced rules of the VESTA panel.

Security and automation

Protection of up to 50 storage rooms by means of door contacts, motion detectors and/or vibration sensors.
Disarming control of each storage room by a general keypad/card reader or several keypads.
Advanced automations and camera monitoring

Access control and remote management via SmartHomeSec

Authorisation of new users
User blocking
Time restrictions
More information

Examples of rules with the SmartHomeSec web or app 


If the user "Achraf" disarms the system from "Monday to Friday" between "8am and 9pm" > Override the "Storage Door 65".
Self-arming (without intervention)

If the "Locker door 65" remains closed for "30 minutes" > Reset the "Locker door 65".

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