Strength in numbers: VESTA's new PIRCAM with OPTEX sensor 🤜🤛

Strength in numbers: VESTA's new PIRCAM with OPTEX sensor 🤜🤛
Equipo de Marketing
Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group DECEMBER 27, 2023
See PIRCAM VESTA with OPTEX sensor
Introducing the latest generation outdoor camera with dual PIR sensor. Its unique design minimises false alarms and ensures exceptional accuracy in intruder detection. Featuring SF1 technology, it transmits alarm images up to 3 times faster, providing detailed visual verification for unrivalled security.

Benefits of the VESTA PIRCAM with OPTEX sensor

HD resolution via SF1 radio
The first PIRCAM to transmit HD images via radio with increased SF1 processing speed for complete visual alarm verification.
High-speed transmission
SF1 technology speeds up 2 to 3 times the transmission of images between the PIRCAM and the control panel, and consequently with the ARC.
Based on Optex VXI sensor
The VESTA detector is based on the Optex VXI sensor, the leader in accuracy and performance in outdoor perimeter detection.
Maximum reliability
The alarm is triggered when both sensors detect motion, which reduces false alarms by up to 40% compared to other brands.
The detector identifies obstructions in the lens during the operational status check of the detector in order to prevent tampering by intruders.
Adjustable angle of rotation
Independent PIR and camera rotation with up to a total of 90° adjustment to adapt the installation to your needs.

VESTA PIRCAM detector with OPTEX sensor


VESTA PIRCAM outdoor detector with OPTEX sensor
  • Developed in collaboration of Optex with Vesta
  • Two independent IR lenses
  • Adjustable range from 2.5 to 12 metres
  • Anti-masking
  • Pet immunity up to 25 kg
  • High-speed HD image transfer (SF1)
  • Up to 90° swivel angle
  • Installation height of 0.8 ~ 1.2 metres
  • IP55 degree of protection
  • EN50131 Grade 2 certified

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