The most advanced integration between VESTA and DAHUA ⭐

The most advanced integration between VESTA and DAHUA ⭐
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Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group JANUARY 22, 2024


Explore VESTA alarm system
Discover the revolutionary synergy between the VESTA system, WizSense cameras, and DAHUA dual thermal cameras. The advanced artificial intelligence of WizSense combines with the immediate responsiveness of VESTA, offering complete protection. Furthermore, dual thermal cameras allow for an extended range of human detection.

Experience unprecedented security that redefines surveillance and real-time response standards.

Straightforward Intelligent Video Analytics (AI) Functions:

Integrated directly via IP
Integrated artificial intelligence to prevent false alarms
Each camera occupies one zone
(up to 6 DAHUA cameras per central)
3 types of configurations:
💠 Instantaneous
💠 Delayed
💠 IVS, analytical activation with human detection


Enhance security and reliability with thermal cameras as well:

Continuous Monitoring:

💠 Constant camera monitoring; in case of disconnection, an event is reported to the APP and ARC.
💠 Reporting of specific video analytics events and frames directly to the APP and ARC

Dual Thermal Vision: Beyond the Ordinary

💠 Integrated with dual DAHUA thermal cameras
💠 More Reliable
💠Drastic reduction in false alarms
💠 Extended Range
💠 Synchronized visible camera

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