U-PROX is the new ultra easy to configure anti-intrusion system

U-PROX is the new ultra easy to configure anti-intrusion system
Equipo de Marketing
Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group OCTOBER 25, 2022

U-PROX is the new ultra easy to configure anti-intrusion system

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Choose the non-massified system from a professional distributor

System of geolocalitation
to notify you of arming / disarming reminders

Integration with DAHUA IP cameras via P2P
Installation in 10-15 minutes, due to its highly intuitive and easy-to-use interface
Non- massified product, reserved exclusively for the professional market

Ultra easy to set up, no need for training or learning
High alarm reliability, thanks to “Double Knock” detection in all indoor and outdoor detectors
Dual technology curtain detector and outdoor detector with digital detection technology
Connecting any DAHUA, HYUNDAI or HIKVISION IP camera via RTSP
Latest radio technology, with a range of up to 4.8 km in open field and real-time signal indicator
Automatic ARC connection, without configuring parameters. Integrated with ARC software by CID, SIA, MANITOU and SBN
Very simple and user friendly keyboard
Door contacts with powerful reed sensor + 1 wired input and a configurable digital output
30 areas (real, not scenes), each with 2 types of arming (total or partial arming)
Internet not required for first start-up: Bluetooth available for initial configuration (APN, WIFI)
Complete configuration and diagnosis with the “U-Prox Installer” app, from smartphone or WEB browser
No email for user code registration
Remote configuration of all devices (sensitivity, pet friendly, tamper, “double knock”, etc.)
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