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Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group APRIL 5, 2023
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VESTA offers you what other brands cannot achieve

Two-way speech-to-listen communication module.
The device features a voice emergency call point, compatible with any F1 device, which can be activated automatically or via an emergency button. In addition, it incorporates a 4G LTE module for fast and smooth transmission.
Climate control equipment
Thermostats and AC control equipment are manageable from VESTA control units and offer advantages such as multi-protocol devices, wall-mounted models or radiator valve heads, local or remote manual operation via the SHS app, and rules compatibility.
Fog generators with DEFENDERTECH
Native integration with DEFENDERTECH allows cross zone verified triggering, liquid level monitoring, plus manual and controlled triggering from the ARC and from the installer's or user's account. There are different models and sizes depending on the needs of the installation.
NEBULA VESTA smoke generator
Plug & Play device that produces a large amount of smoke in a short time. It is easy to install, allows monitoring of key signals and has a long battery life.

The ultimate software for control centres and CRA is VESTA

Total management platform with BACKEND tool
It is a software that provides total control and management for VESTA installation companies, including among other options the remote management of user accounts, panel configurations, creation and uploading of programming templates, mass FW updates and self-maintenance scheduling. It also offers mass notifications and co-branding.
Quick commands for CRA
The intuitive WEB tool allows ARC operators to efficiently perform bi-directional, as well as armed control, PIR CAM and IP CAM photos, zone bypassing, scene activation and monitoring of the main communication channel. All this without the need for specific training, as you will be able to operate it in 5 minutes.

Discover the VESTA alarm system 


Voice emergency call point









Safety smoke generator via radio for VESTA system


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