Zero false alarms at a low cost with Deepwall Lite


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Zero false alarms at a low cost with Deepwall Lite 

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Deepwall Lite is the economical solution for all types of perimeter security projects, with all the power of Deepwall at short distances.

VAELSYS has the equipment that differentiates the most objects in any scene, even unknown ones, adapting to any environment and reaching previously unknown levels of reliability.

Why is Deepwall Lite perfect for residential?

Cost-effective solution. Installing video analytics at low cost is possible.

Compatible with the main video surveillance manufacturers and can be integrated with different management and control software.
Maximum protection against cyber-attacks. New Firewall, automation of updates and encrypted communications via HTTPs.
Reliable detection and drastic reduction of false alarms, thanks to the best image processing algorithms and AI.
Improved control centre operations, avoiding operator saturation.

Manufacturer with 18 years of experience, high R&D component, international presence, several registered patents, scientific publications and the seal of excellence of the European Commission.
No additional software installation, just a web browser.

Maximum channel density = less space, less electricity consumption (savings of up to €1000/year), CO2 reduction and higher productivity.
Advice and direct assistance. Put the great VAELSYS team to the test with any query.


Deepwall Lite residential solution


Compact DeepWall Lite analytics equipment with
4 licenses included and expandable to 12



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