The 5 most popular VESTA solutions


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Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group APRIL 17, 2023

The VESTA System is, with no doubt, the most flexible and advanced on the market. Proof of this are the multiple solutions we can develop. The exchanges, with Grade 2 and Grade 3 certification, are compatible with more than 70 devices from the VESTA catalog, and allow the integration of IP cameras from Dahua Technology and Hikvision, OPTEX detectors, Jeedom software and a multitude of IoT devices. Next, we will see what are the 5 most popular solutions of VESTA, the intrusion system distributed exclusively through By Demes.


1. SmartRetailSec, the global retail protection ecosystem

The SmartRetailSec solution offers the joint implementation of security systems for physical establishments. It allows to optimize the daily operations, the customer experience and a unified control of all security and home automation systems. It effectively combines intrusion systems, video surveillance, access control and fire detection in different areas of the establishment, also allowing the integration of a wide variety of IoT elements. It allows the interaction of all these devices with each other, applying the solution to the different areas of the establishment and performing various functions, including: access control of restricted areas, turning off and on lights, temperature control in cold rooms, automatic rules of energy consumption, etc.


2. VESTA Storage Protection Solution

VESTA's storage security solution enables the protection and management of up to 50 storage rooms through a single pane of glass. It guarantees the protection of each storage room individually, as well as the protection of common areas and automatic image captures through surveillance cameras. In a practical way, the user can disassemble his storage room by means of a keyboard or reader and, thanks to the DANALOCK lock, integrated with the panel, it allows opening only to authorized subscribers, as well as a time control and an automatic lock at night. It also allows the creation of automatic rules for saving light.


3. VESTA OUT, the alarm for scaffolding and construction sites

The VESTA OUT solution focuses on the protection of buildings under construction or renovation. It can be used in a multitude of environments, including those that lack power, that present adverse environmental conditions or that have other difficulties in installing a security system. It can be powered by solar panels or intermittent power and integrated with IP CCTV cameras, Raytec surprise spotlights and audio wedges for public address speaker among other devices. We can prevent theft of materials or unauthorized access, although we can add functions for worker PPE control, license plate reading, vehicle access control, crane collision control, fire and smoke detection, etc.


4. VESTA Temperature Solution

Developed to control and manage temperature, the VESTA temperature solution guarantees the preservation of food and pharmaceuticals, among others. Using probes, it measures temperatures between -20ºC and +50ºC with high precision and reliability. The advanced control system allows to prevent possible damages, sending alerts in real time. It also allows the activation of devices autonomously and generate a downloadable history through App or Web.


5. VESTA Integra, a security solution for all people

In this case we are facing a solution specifically developed for people with blindness and functional diversity, which allows improving their quality of life and guaranteeing their safety. Thanks to voice assistants, such as Alexa, Google Home or HomeKit, the user can control intrusion, access, video surveillance and home automation devices without physical intervention, all through intelligent actuators. It also has the Geofence geolocation system that allows vulnerable people to feel independent, while their relatives can certify that they are safe.


For more information about VESTA Solutions already developed or how to implement VESTA in your professional projects use the contact form of By Demes Group, our excellent commercial team will assist you as soon as possible.