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Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group JUNE 2, 2021
Achraf BouchtarouifProduct Manager VESTA

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VESTA offers an all-in-one medical alarm solution, a telecare system that protects the elderly. This system improves the quality of life of the elderly by ensuring their safety both indoors and outdoors, in complete autonomy.

The complete range of these alarm systems for the elderly includes elderly care, home security, emergency monitoring, energy consumption management, lifestyle monitoring, home automation, and visual verification monitoring. It is probably the most complete solution on the market as it generates a high level of confidence and security, allowing seniors to live a protected and carefree lifestyle.

1. Mobile Pro : Indoor and on-the-move medical alarm system with high precision location system

VESTA's MOBILE PRO range provides greater comfort and peace of mind, as people who own this range of alarm systems for the elderly can be geolocated anywhere, thanks to the online platform and app "My GPS Alert" offered by VESTA's own system.

This system has multiple benefits, such as a high sensitivity built-in microphone and powerful 3W speaker, as well as fall detection, improved location accuracy with GPS and Wi-FI technologies and pre-recorded voice message among many others that you can discover in VESTA's complete Medical Alarm Catalogue.

 How do caregivers and family members locate the elderly person?

Geolocation information is available on VESTA's online platform as well as on the "My GPS Alert" application mentioned above. In addition, the report with all the user's location information can be accessed via smartphones. It should be noted that the system is compatible with VESTA's personal alarm bracelet, pendants or panic alarm. In turn, the medical alarm will be triggered by a person by pressing the warning button, or by a sensor when it detects a fall

 Once activated, a communication channel will be opened between the person and the monitoring station. Users can speak through the pendant as a speaker phone with microphone included, such as the VESTA-081 voice communicator. Or the VESTA-197 wrist transmitter.

 2.  MX Series: Medical and Intruder Alarm


With the MX Series, you will increase your peace of mind both inside and outside the home by offering comprehensive medical and remote care and efficient security functions. When the yellow button is programmed as a security button, the system can serve as an intruder alarm, thus protecting your home and property. When you return home, you can press the yellow button and its pendant button to disarm the security system and turn it back into a medical alarm. The MX Series is positioned ahead of traditional medical alarms in technology, flexibility, and versatility. 


3. GX Series: Advanced Telecare System with Voice Control and Automation Rules

VESTA's GX Series is a comprehensive VESTA Medical Alarm solution for wellness and personal safety, bringing together medical health monitoring and personal alarms for seniors to keep them safe in their own homes. It is compatible with Bluetooth medical devices and features telecare alarm functions including voice recognition, emergency monitoring, inactivity, monitoring capabilities, voice control, and home automation. 

Benefits also include compatibility with voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Home, as well as a voice alert function that will alert you to potential events.  A true smart alarm that you can discover in our catalogs.

4.Application cases

The VESTA Medical Alarm is a solution applicable to various locations such as retirement homes, homes for the disabled, homes and single-family residences for the elderly and disabled, day and care centers, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, ARCs, and control centers for signal reception.

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