The best smart thermostats for saving heating and light


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Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group DECEMBER 22, 2021
Achraf BouchtarouifProduct Manager VESTA

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Since its launch in 2020, the VESTA Alarm System has proven to be the most innovative on the market, thanks to its integration with leading CCTV, Intrusion or Home Automation brands. But, in addition, its complete producto catalogue, allows to greatly improve the efficiency of homes and companies. For this reason, from By Demes, we want to introduce the best smart thermostats for saving heating and light.


What is it and how does a smart thermostat work?

A smart thermostat is a device that allows you to control the climate of a room, home, hall or building. Currently on the market we can find a wide range of products, with more or less advanced functions, which allow temperature control and greater energy efficiency.

Why is it advisable to go for a VESTA smart thermostat?

The smart functions of VESTA thermostats offer extremely advanced and reliable solutions compared to other devices on the market, guaranteeing real savings in heating or lighting.

It is possible to install it in homes, offices and even in the industrial field, in addition to efficiently controlling the temperature of the different types of systems that currently exist on the market: gas boiler, fuel boiler, electric heating, water heating and heat pump.

We highlight the integrated motion sensor that allows us to determine the presence or absence of people in a room, automatically adjusting the temperature and applying gradual cooling. Another interesting tool is the “geofencing” geolocation perimeter function available in SmartHomeSec, VESTA's free App, enabling the “absence” mode when we are at a certain distance from the home or automatic activation when we enter the perimeter.

VESTA digital thermostats offer many other benefits:

  • Local and remote temperature control.
  • Intelligent control through scenes and automatic rules.
  • Creation of routines by calendar of the thermostat control.
  • Adaptable to any conventional installation.

How to install a smart thermostat and pair it with the VESTA panel?

The installation of VESTA smart thermostats is extremely easy and simple, thanks to the Plug & Play system, which allows linking using Z-Wave technology. We can make the link in less than five minutes directly with the panel or through the SmartHomeSec App.


VESTA Smart Thermostats Available From By Demes

Currently in the VESTA Product Catalog we can find thermostats for heating and other systems:

1. ZigBee VESTA-183 Thermostat


2. Z-Wave VESTA-171 Thermostat


3. Zigbee VESTA-189 Smart Thermostat


4. Z-Wave VESTA-104 Smart Thermostat 


Other VESTA Compatible Smart Thermostats

In addition, VESTA Alarm Systems also allow integration with third-party devices, such as Aeotec and MCO Home, in this way it is possible to expand the air conditioning control functions:

1. Thermostatic head for radiator AEOTEC-011


2. Thermostat for boilers VESTA-285


3. Regulating thermostat with Z-Wave Plus VESTA-286


4. Regulating thermostat for heat pump VESTA-287


For more information about wireless thermostats, their functions and integration, contact your assigned sales representative or use the By Demes contact form.