The control relay for home automation integration


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Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group DECEMBER 1, 2021

The development of new technologies in the area of ​​home automation is advancing unstoppably. In fact, it is expected that in 2025 its use will have increased by 300% compared to 2022. It is already common to see smart solutions in homes or companies and increasing number of professionals in the sector are incorporating IoT devices in their product catalog. For this, it is essential to be clear about the use of the control relay for the integration of home automation.

By Demes, the leading distributor of home automation and electronic security in Spain, makes all the necessary information about this device available to its customers. Next, we will see what a control relay is, what it is used for and we will get to know the 5 best devices available in our online store.


What is a control relay?

The relay is an electromagnetic device that allows the regulation and direction of the main current of a circuit. It works in a similar way to a switch and makes it possible to open or close other independent electrical circuits.

What is a control relay used for?

We can use a control relay for local or remote management of an electrical device. An example of this is home automation, which is currently triggering the use of the smart switch or relay, allowing effective control inside and outside the home all kinds of smart devices, such as switches, lighting, sensors, air conditioning, etc ...

Any installation can benefit from the use of a control relay, such as homes and offices, although we can also implement it effectively in the industrial field or in transport, such as motorhomes and boats.

The use of the smart relay for greater efficiency and energy savings

One of the most notable advantages of using the switch is the possibility of creating advanced rules, such as automatic watering, the switching on of lights by movement or the time control of the air conditioning, which translates into a reduction in variable and fixed costs of electricity.

Another interesting aspect is the possibility of measuring power and exporting a history log of daily, weekly and monthly consumption. This allows us to identify the devices or time slots with the highest consumption, being able to create advanced rules for greater efficiency and energy savings.


Relays for home automation available at By Demes

By Demes, a leading supplier of security and IoT devices, has a wide range of relays. Mainly, more than 14 devices of the innovative VESTA System stand out, allowing the integration of home automation in the intrusion system. But in addition, By Demes also has third-party relays from the most relevant brands on the market, such as Aeotec and FIBARO.

Next, we will see the best 5 relays for home automation available in By Demes and ideal to start in IoT systems:

1. VESTA-162 Power Relay Switch

This programmable relay easily integrates with other automation activities, scenes, and schedules. It works as a Z-Wave repeater and connects directly to the power cable. It is suitable for residential and commercial premises.


2. VESTA-028 1 digital input / output module

This smart relay features one relay input and one output, offering fast and reliable communication between the control system and remote devices. Get data from hard-to-reach or wired remote devices, as well as the activation of any device with the relay. It works on a F1 868Mhz frequency which allows a stable link between the control panel and the device of up to 2 km in open field.


3. VESTA-206 Relay Controller

This relay for home automation uses the Z-Wave protocol and can automate domestic swimming pool covers, gas valves, water valves or sprinkler systems among others. Its operation via radio allows the integration of relay activation events in other home automation activities. Being a Z-WAVE device, each device is a signal repeater in the system, the more Z-WAVE devices we have in the installation, the more range and stability we will have.


4. FIBARO-004 remote control module

This smart switch is designed to be installed in standard wall switch boxes or anywhere else where it is necessary to control electrical devices via the Z-Wave Plus network or a directly connected switch.


5. AEOTEC-005 light regulator micromodule

We end up with a switch for home automation that allows to control a lamp or ceiling light remotely through the Z-Wave Plus protocol, thus, we are also talking about a relay controlled by Wi-Fi. It can be used with various types of lighting: LED, dimmable LED, CFL, fluorescent, incandescent, halogen.


For more information about home automation devices or relays, contact us through the By Demes contact form, our excellent sales team will assist you as soon as possible.