VESTA Grade 3 Alarm

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Equipo de Marketing By Demes GroupMARCH 17, 2021

The installation of a Grade 3 Alarm System is mandatory in certain types of businesses and stands out for the high level of protection they offer. From By Demes, the leading distributor of intrusion products in Europe, we will explain what a Grade 3 alarm is, in what type of businesses they should be installed and some of the most relevant technical characteristics. We will also introduce one of the most anticipated releases: the VESTA Grade 3 Hybrid Alarm



What is a Grade 3 alarm?

A certified alarm system in Europe must meet the requirements set by the different UNE Standards that establish the grade and characteristics of its devices. Thus, there are different levels of security:

  • Grade 1: low risk
  • Grade 2: low-medium risk
  • Grade 3: medium-high risk
  • Grade 4: high risk

Therefore, a Grade 3 alarm is one that is used in cases of medium / high risk and that complies with the UNE 50132 Standard and the UNE-EN 50131 Standard.


Businesses that must have a Grade 3 alarm

NSAI | National Standards Authority of Ireland and Guidelines for EN 50131 Certification state requirements for the Grade 3 alarms

Examples of businesses that are required to install a Grade 3 Alarm:

  • Lottery Administrations
  • Casinos, Bingo halls and Game machine rooms
  • Service Stations and Fuel and Fuel Supply Units
  • Jewelers and Silversmiths
  • Antique Stores and Art Galleries
  • Service stations
  • Credit Institutions and other Business Units and Cash Storage
  • Betting Offices
  • Private Security Companies
  • Pharmacy

Technical characteristics of a Grade 3 Alarm

Grade 3 alarms must meet certain technical characteristics and the following criteria:

  • Two-way connection with an ARC or Control Center

  • Installation of an Intrusion System

  • Installation of a CCTV System

  • Anti-masking system detector

VESTA Grade 3 Hybrid Alarm System

The VESTA Hybrid Alarm has been the most anticipated launch of this 2021. Considered one of the best Grade 3 alarms, it allows having wired zones and via F1 radio, with connection to ARC via IP and GPRS.

It is compatible with more than 40 Z-wave Plus and Zigbee devices for automatic control of their installation and integration with other manufacturers. It features advanced automation and home automation management functions. It is important to note that it has 16 zones on the board with the possibility of expansion through zone expanders. It also has great wiring flexibility and selection of resistance values for each zone from the installer platform / APP.

By Demes has three models of control panels, with the latest communication technologies and a built-in IP module:

The VESTA Grade 3 alarm incorporates an F1 868Mhz radio receiver. It integrates with Dahua IP cameras and allows the programming of up to 100 automatic rules. All this with extreme comfort and flexibility in methods of communication of events and photographs with ARC.

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