VESTA's motorhome and truck alarm system: a solution for transport and freight


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Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group MAY 14, 2021
Achraf BouchtarouifProduct Manager VESTA

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The VESTA Alarm presents a complete solution to protect cargo and equipment in the transport and goods sector. A solution that manages to solve the problem suffered every year by transporters and their passengers. Every year, the loss of goods on the road amounts to billions of euros in the form of theft, fire, and damage to cargo for various reasons.

VESTA Smart Transport, the best alarm for motorhomes and trucks 

The solution is perfectly adapted to the protection needs to be covered. Thus, VESTA offers different types of alarms for motorhomes and trucks, based on three different kits that can be adapted and adjusted to the needs of each particular transport:

The Basic Kit consists of the main panel, a multi-detector, and the Global Roaming Sim Card.

The Complete Kit is composed of the Basic Kit, but, in addition, a vibration detector, a remote control, an outdoor siren, and a magnet are added.

 Finally, the most complete of all, the Pro Kit, consists of all the above devices plus a smoke activation output, a smoke canister, and a smoke canister fixing bracket for vehicles.


More and more professionals in the sector agree that it is one of the best burglar alarms for motorhomes, trucks, and even boats.

 Advantages of using motorhome and truck alarm system:

-       Easy installation, thanks to a quick setup, requires no wiring between the driver's cab and the cargo trailer. 

 -       Battery life of up to 4 years of the devices 

  • -       VESTA Smart Transport consumes very little power from the main panel (0.3Ah). 

    -       It has a long autonomy due to its low power consumption, as it can be used without battery charge for about 27 days.  

    -       It offers security, as it is an anti-intrusion system with instant notifications in the event of an alarm.

    -       It is capable of notifying and visualizing the status at the moment and even having control of the alarm, temperature, or smoke, sending information in real-time. 

    -       Ease of use. It can be remotely armed and disarmed by remote control and/or SmartHomeSec App. 

    -       Thanks to the motion detection alarm inside the cargo trailer you can prevent theft.

    -       It also has a smoke detection alarm with instant notification to the user, to prevent possible fires and thus avoid loss of goods or the transport itself in the case of a truck fire.  

    -       In the event of a temperature change that is out of line with the preset temperature, you will be notified in order to prevent damage to the load and thus maintain greater control and quality.

    -       Simplicity. 12V main panel power supply (with the possibility of powering directly from the 12V output).

    -       Option of being able to manage different vehicles by the same user (same app user and remote control), i.e. ease and freedom of control. 

    -       Last but not least, with the CSL-SIM global roaming card, the control panel will be connected regardless of limits or borders, thanks to the multi-operator M2M technology.

    Where can the VESTA alarm be installed?

    VESTA Smart Transport is a solution for different types of transport and goods. It can be installed in trucks, vans, motorhomes, caravans, caravans, boats, and other goods transport vehicles. It is also possible to use this alarm in solar panel installations and very low voltage (12V) installations.

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