2 induction loop detector



  • 2-loop magnetic detector
  • Position reading or directional reading
  • Vehicle detection for gates, barriers, car parks and traffic control.
  • Electronic detector for inductive detection of metal objects.
  • Detects vehicles and, depending on the device, also their type of construction and direction of movement.
  • Areas of application: installations in traffic areas, gate and barrier controls and the monitoring of car parks and tunnels
  • Designed for installation in control cabinets or similar enclosures
  • 2 loop channels
  • 2 potential-free relay outputs
  • 1 connection for power supply (24V AC/DC)
  • 1 USB interface for diagnostics and advanced configuration
  • Adjustable sensitivity, on/off delay time
  • Automatic system adjustment after commissioning
  • Loop inductance independent sensitivity adjustment
  • Fast, automatic calibration for easy installation and commissioning
  • No interference between loop 1 and loop 2 due to duplication
  • Continuous frequency monitoring
  • Induction loop fault indication via LEDs
  • Diagnostic loops can be connected
  • Compact plastic housing for DIN rail mounting in the control cabinet
  • Galvanic isolation between loops and electronics
  • Automatic system calibration after switch-on
  • Continuous balancing of frequency deviations to eliminate environmental influences
  • Fixed downtimes irrespective of the degree of assignment of the loops

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